Virginia father vilified for defending his daughter shows rot at the heart of the system: Devine

Calllessness is what is so hard to bear on the part of the progressive elites of Loudon County, Va., The wealthy dormitory community of Washington, DC.

They laughed and clapped when plumber Scott Smith was brutalized by police and humiliated at a June 22 school board meeting as he tried to bring up the plight of his 15-year-old daughter who he said had been raped and sodomized in the school toilets. by a boy in a skirt. No one has expressed concern for their daughter.

There was also no compassion from Superintendent Scott Ziegler, who puzzled at the meeting that there had been no assaults in a school washroom in Loudon County and casually dismissed parents’ concerns about the risks of transgender toilets. Then he gave a little wake-up homily to show those helpless parents in the room who were really in charge.

“Time Magazine in 2016 called it a red herring.. We heard it several times tonight from our speakers, but the predatory transgender student or person just doesn’t exist,” he said. .

Tell that to the Smith family.

The Rainbow activist who allegedly threatened Smith’s livelihood at that meeting blankly told her that her daughter’s rape three weeks earlier had not happened, as if she knew it.

He raised his voice and called her a “bitch.”

For this gentle response to his provocation, he was arrested. The video of his humiliation, his torn T-shirt, his stomach exposed, his pants down, has gone viral around the world.

No one cared about their broken family.

Soros-funded left-wing prosecutor Buta Biberaj was reportedly decarcerated, the promoter tried to jail Smith for his disruptive behavior.

Scott Smith is being held after a brawl broke out at a Loudoun County School Board meeting that included a discussion of critical theory of race and transgender students, in Ashburn, Va. On June 22, 2021.
Commonwealth prosecutor for Loudoun County Buta Biberaj tried to lock up Scott Smith for exposing transgender bathrooms behind his daughter’s alleged rape.
REUTERS / Evelyn Hockstein

She is against the imprisonment of criminals, but all for the confinement of an apolitical father seeking responsibility for a school that has failed to protect his daughter.

The mocking progressives demonized and dehumanized him. They shamed him on social media and toasted their success in having him banned from the next school board meeting where they passed their policy to turn all school toilets in Loudon County to transgender.

Who cares if it made girls like Smith’s daughter less secure in the process?

The subterfuge might have been successful had it not been for an enterprising Daily Wire reporter who bothered to find out Smith’s side of the story – and it’s a horrible story.

The alleged rapist of his daughter was quietly dispatched to another school where he struck again. It is a failure of the Loudon County school system, which evidently did not take the Smith’s complaint seriously.

“If someone had sat down and listened for thirty seconds to what Scott had to say, he would have been mortified and heartbroken,” Smith’s lawyer Elizabeth Lancaster told the Daily Wire.

But no one listened. Instead, Smith, 48, has become the poster child for the new “domestic terrorism” that the Biden administration has concocted to destroy anyone who interferes with its agenda.

The left-wing activist group National School Boards Association wrote a letter to President Biden citing Smith’s case, without naming him, and urged the administration to use the Patriot Act to crack down on parents asking for their say in schools of their children. It didn’t seem to occur to Biden that targeting disgruntled parents with legislation designed for foreign suicide bombers might be overkill.

Scott Smith is being held after a brawl broke out at a Loudoun County School Board meeting that included a discussion of critical theory of race and transgender students, in Ashburn, Va. On June 22, 2021.
Loudoun County didn’t bother to heed Scott Smith’s warning as his daughter’s alleged rapist was simply sent to another school.
REUTERS / Evelyn Hockstein

Five days later, on October 4, the obedient Attorney General Merrick Garland released his infamous FBI-siccating memo on relatives like Smith.

Again, not a thought for Smith or his daughter.

There was not a word of compassion in the statement released on Wednesday by Loudoun County Public Schools. Citing issues of confidentiality and respect for police affairs, he apologized and the school board members for their silence on Smith’s debacle and the false information provided to parents.

“What happened to Scott Smith’s daughter and the second victim is something that could happen to all of our children,” said Elicia Brand, Smith’s friend and relative from Loudon County. “It’s not a transgender issue. This is a problem of endangering children.

“We don’t want politics, ideologies and agendas at school. . . We don’t want sexually explicit material in schools [or] normalize pedophilia.

She says the reason the June 22 meeting was heckled was because the progressive school board had “stacked the bridge” by opening up public speaking slots a day earlier so that pro-trans activists would use the washroom. can fill the slate.

Parents and protesters hold signs outside a Loudoun County Public School Board meeting in Ashburn, Va. On October 12, 2021.
AFP via Getty Images

One after another, activists spoke out in favor of the unpopular policy and called the majority of parents in the room fanatics. One of them said “Hatred … seems to be pouring out of Jesus’ disciples in this room.

When parents in the room objected, the board threatened to close the meeting and asked them to use “jazz hands” – silent gestures instead of cheers, taunts or taunts. applause. Then the anti-Jesus speaker was reassigned her time so that she could repeat the hateful remark.

When former Senator Dick Black finally got a chance to speak, he said it was “absurd. . . for teachers to call boys girls and girls boys ”and lamented that schools in Loudon County“ teach children to hate other people because of their skin color ”. The crowd gave him a rousing cheer instead of using jazz hands. The council therefore ended the meeting, causing an uproar.

Caught in the middle of this Kafkaesque nightmare, a father was trying to protect his daughter. Pity. He’s an embarrassing rebuke to the perverted equity agenda, so he needs to be squashed like a bug.

Stuck in cellular hell

Finally, a judge, Royce Lamberth, admitted that civil rights violations were taking place in a Washington, DC jail, where January 6 prisoners are still being held without trial. He ordered an investigation and cursed the prison director and the deputy director of the Department of Corrections.

Senior Judge for the District of Columbia Royce C. Lamberth
Senior Judge Royce C. Lamberth holds a prison guard and director of the DC Department of Corrections responsible for abusing rioters on Capitol Hill.
District Court of the United States District of Columbia

Lawyer Joe McBride has fought for clients he says have been subjected to months of isolation and beatings and denied access to their lawyers, banned Sunday worship and see each other regularly confiscate their Bibles.

But he says the only publication they are never denied is The Final Call, the official journal of the Nation of Islam, “which teaches anyone who wants to hear it that whites are, among other things, sub-human and inherently bad “.

McBride quotes the August 17, 2021 edition in which an article titled “Separation or Death” argues that whites are subhuman “devils” because of their “colorlessness” and encourages non-whites to “curse them. and say ugly things, because they (white people) have done ugly things.

Another article titled “America Falls, Her Fate Sealed” describes America as “the fucking Babylon” and says black people should “clean their homes from pictures of whites” because they are bad.

McBride rightly wonders why such racist hate propaganda is acceptable in prison where a Bible is not.

“Imagine you’re locked up for months at a time and that’s all you have to read. You look at the color of your skin and start to hate yourself. The guards, looking over The Final Call, growl at you, looking for a chance to fight you until you submit.

Heads should roll.

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