Do the EU and Belarus play politics with refugees?

Belarus accused of helping migrants and refugees enter the bloc in retaliation against EU sanctions. Source Link

Record-breaking Ferris Wheel opens in Dubai

The massive wheel was opened in Dubai with a lavish fireworks display to mark the occasion. Source Link

Prince Charles warns of narrow window to deal with climate change

LONDON (AP) – Prince Charles warned the world days before leaders meet in the UK for crucial UN climate talks, saying there is a “dangerously narrow” window for fight the…

Barbados elects first head of state, replacing Queen Elizabeth

The people of Barbados and its government were “aware that we are not going without concern on the part of some, but with absolute determination that at 55 we have…

The Afghan National Institute of Music strikes a chord in Qatar | Music news

Doha, qatar – In a cramped room in an evacuee compound, a conductor without a stick teaches students to familiarize themselves with instruments that are not their own. The conductor…

Joel Souza, filmmaker injured in the Alec Baldwin incident, “eviscerated” by the death of a friend

Joel Souza, injured by a bullet fired by actor Alec Baldwin, mourns his lost friend Halyna Hutchins. Source Link

Erdogan threatens to expel 10 Western ambassadors

ISTANBUL – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to expel ambassadors from 10 countries, including the United States, declaring them “persona non grata” after calling for the release of…

Palestinian NGOs named “terrorists” call for support | Human rights news

Palestinian human rights groups designated by Israel as “terrorist organizations” call for international support to roll back decision, which can compromise their ability to carry out humanitarian work. A military…

Mourners pay tribute to the running star

Many Kenyan athletes attended the funeral Leading athletes joined hundreds of mourners at the funeral of Kenyan runner Agnes Tirop, who was stabbed to death in her home. Her husband,…

Alex Quiñónez: the Ecuadorian sprinter defeated

Quiñónez, one of the country’s best-known athletes, was shot dead in the town of Guyaquil. Source Link