Instagram denies rumor that it will reveal who visited users’ profiles

Image that shows supposed change in the notifications screen left some users in doubt. According to the social network, the rumors about the new feature are not true.
Instagram has denied that it is working on a feature that lets users know who has visited their profile. The rumor has circulated on social media in recent days, but it is false.

“We inform you that the rumors of Instagram showing people who visited the profile in the ‘Activity’ tab are not true,” a spokesperson for Meta, the parent company of the social network, told the site g1.

The rumor started with an image shared on Twitter that mimicked an Instagram screen. It shows the app’s notifications screen, with a snippet indicating people who would have visited the user’s profile.

However, the excerpt about the supposed novelty is the result of an image editing. The author of the photo used a letter similar to that of the Instagram application to write the notification that would be released by the social network.

The rumor about the feature that shows who viewed the profile led some users to compare the social network with LinkedIn and even Orkut. But luckily for some, the feature is not being developed by Instagram.