You Can Get Starlink Right Now, But There’s A Catch


Unlike the standard service, which requires users to place a dish in a single location, Starlink RV is designed to be used when traveling. While the service itself is not currently designed to be used while a customer is actually in motion, the dish is easy to set up in “a matter of minutes,” according to the company. Users require a “clear view of the sky” to establish a connection. Starlink also has a map of service locations, and the quality of the service will vary depending on where a user is in the world.

With a clear sky in an area marked as Available, users can expect a high-speed, low-latency internet connection. At the time of writing, Available service areas include most of North America, some parts of South America, most of Europe, half of Australia, and most of New Zealand. During peak hours in areas marked as Waitlist or during events with a large collection of users, people can expect slower speeds if they’re on the Starlink RV plan. The company says its RV service is also covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning users can return their hardware for a full refund if they are not satisfied.


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