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Are you about to give up on the life you dream of and deserve? Don’t! Because…

The exact secret that an entire society used to BECOME a role-model for our modern-day freedom and wealth

The last time you woke up excited for the day ahead?

The last time you felt like you were living in a magical dream?

For simply a small daily milestone completed on time?

Or for some huge life-goal you were able to accomplish?

Are any of those reasons strictly related to YOU?

I’m not asking about everything you’ve done for your parents, your partner, maybe your children or friends…

I’m asking about the real you and your most secret desires.

The ones everyone told you that you’ll never get around to making real.

The ones you’ve seen others try and fail at, knowing HOW you would’ve done them differently and why they would’ve worked for you!

I bet you cannot honestly remember!

Because it was probably a long time ago…

And now, if I were to ask you when was the last time you felt:

         ● Disappointed 

         ● Ashamed 

         ● Humiliated

         ●Like a failure

You’ll probably tell me “yesterday”.

Or even worse “today”…

That’s the harsh reality you’re facing every single waking minute of your life.

Just because you’ve silenced your entire being, told your beautiful inner child to be quiet over and over again while:

….waiting on next month’s paycheck…

….running to pay overdue bills…

….penny-pinching to save up and create the illusion of a perfect birthday or Christmas…

And this constant chase has left  you drained, hopeless, and defeated while…

Feeling like you’re climbing an escalator that’s going down.

You’re getting completely worn-out, drained, and exhausted beyond words…

It doesn’t have to be this way anymore!!!

What you are now getting access to…

Yes, you will have to be consistent about this.

But we’re talking of only twelve minutes and twelve seconds each day!

That’s probably less time than it takes to get your car started on freezing winter days, right?

Well…do this for just 12 minutes and 12 seconds a day, and you’ll soon upgrade to a new car that doesn’t give you headaches.

This ancient secret is single-handedly responsible for the success of the one culture and society our modern world lives by, even today.

Including the concepts of:

These concepts that guide our way of life are direct descendants of how this great ancient nation worked.

And I’m not talking here just about their government or economy. I’m talking about the trickling effect it had on every single citizen that lived during that period.

It was a period in which the first hard questions about how our Universe works started to rise.

That’s why we were able to evolve as a single consciousness and upgrade our lives all over the world!

This one secret brought us some of the greatest: 

Mathematicians, Physicists ,Astro-physicists, Philosophers, Poets, Painters, Sculptors & Architects.

We are charmed by these ancient wonders…

Whether they’re Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, Mayan, or Mesopotamian…

You know there IS a reason behind it.

There is a reason behind every single glimmer of inspiration we get from these cultures’ ancient breakthroughs some of which we have not been able to figure out how they were even made.

And funny enough, as I’m sharing with you a secret from the ancients, I feel the need to share with you how I discovered it.

Because it relates to my personal path…

And the childhood dreams I used to have…

And in less than five minutes, I’m going to share with you one of the most powerful, forgotten secrets to achieve anything your heart desires.

It doesn’t matter if it’s:

The house your family deserves, where every child has their own bedroom and bath…

A new family car and a separate one just for you… 

The ONE you’ve always dreamed of riding on that coastal highway watching a gorgeous, jaw-dropping purple and pink sunset.

Simply the peacefulness that comes from knowing there are no mortgage, credit card, or car payments due.

That ALL your bills are on autopay.

That you no longer have to figure out next month’s grocery budget. 

Or add up items in the store so you aren’t embarrassed at the register… 

Even the freedom that comes from prepping…

Having a full pantry ready to keep you and your loved ones safe in case anything happens…

Getting free of your heart pounding out of your chest every time anxiety kicks in…

Falling to sleep as soon as you lay your head on your pillow, instead of spending hours staring at the shadows cast by street lights on your ceiling because you’re worried about what tomorrow brings…

Forgetting the shivering sensation you have every time you feel things are slipping through your fingers and you’re losing control of your own life…

And the best part is that this ancient secret I’m about to share with you is backed by more than 2,500 years of scientific studies, proof, evolution, and prosperity.

However, it has been ignored by the modern mainstream media and is available to only a select few who have put in the time and effort to do their own research.

Yet… it is something SO valuable, that if every single human on Earth had access to it, we would ALL transcend to new, enlightened levels…

As never seen before across our mother Earth’s surface.

I need to warn you though…

Commit to just twelve minutes and twelve seconds every single day.

It doesn’t matter if you reserve this little time for yourself

When your kids are taking a nap…

Before you get out of your car after work…

As long as you promise to commit to honoring your future self with these few minutes each day.

Now, let me get back to HOW I made this discovery and its connection to my childhood…

As children, we’re fascinated by stories…

We listen to them, We read them, We watch them, We imagine them, We write them down, We escape into them

And there are so many stories from my childhood that inspired me and carved my dreams, I can’t even remember them all…

The reason behind me having access to them is not your “my parents bought them for me and supported my love for reading”.

It’s actually somewhat the opposite of that.

My dad died when I was about five-years-old.

Because I can still remember him.

But luckily, my mom remarried.

And I had such high hopes because Dan seemed like an amazing guy.

He used to bring me treats, and take me to the park, and help mom around the house.

That is… Until he “sealed the deal”.

Things started changing extremely fast.

This man had my mom wrapped around his fingers.

And day by day, she transformed…

From the glowing being that loved everyone and everything to a woman who brought light, love, and hope to everyone around her to a woman who dedicated herself to making sure everyone felt welcome and appreciated in her home to the most amazing mom anyone could ask for…

Not even a shadow of herself

And that no one would cross his path…

Just five months after they got married, my grandma came and took me to her house to “spend the weekend together”.

But then, the next day…

She left me at her neighbor Ruth’s house and said she’d be back in a couple of hours, cause she had something really important to solve

You know, she was an extremely grounded woman. So she broke the news to me, then and there, that I’d be living with her from that day on.

I wanted to call my mom. I wanted MY mom to tell me that herself.

But grandma didn’t let me.

“It’s for the best…”

By now, you might think this could be one of the worst things that could happen to a kid…

And you’re definitely wondering how does that connect with stories, inspiration, and most importantly, the secret I’m sharing with you…

And I agree with you. Knowing your own mother willingly let you go because her new “man” didn’t want you around is one of the hardest things a kid can go through.

And I’ll share about that as well in just a minute…

My grandma somewhat understood what I was going through.

And one of the things that helped her cope with that was diving into stories.

So she took the same approach with me.

She channeled my curious nature towards books.

It’s an instinctive curiosity we all have, as human beings.

It’s the one of the main reasons behind our evolution.

Our ability to look and see, to hear, to understand, and to ask ourselves: “why?”

And it was her way of sheltering me from the reality I was faced with everytime I accidentally met my mother on the street.

When she took me in, she also went back to work. She needed the extra income, even though she was pretty well set.

I didn’t understand why and she always told me:

“So you can have a head start in life”

And one day, I understood!

But not in the way she hoped I would.

I was almost finished with my senior year in highschool and I had gotten accepted to a few colleges I hoped to get into.

I was looking at scholarships (because I was afraid of student loans) when my grandma came into my room with a piece of paper.

She sat down and had a proud, sneaky smile on her face. She asked what I was doing, I told her, and she asked how much I needed.

She looked down at the paper.

Looked back up at me and handed it to me.

From the moment my mom gave up on me ‘till the present day.

All flushed and trembling, I asked: “What’s this?”

“Your headstart in life!”

I knew, then and there, my life was going to turn out amazing!

The day after my graduation, while I had a massive hangover (yeah, yeah, I wasn’t 21, I know)… our neighbor Ruth started banging on our door.

Even now, it’s too painful for me to tell you what happened, but I’m sure you can figure it out.

Hours, days, weeks went by…

And then another knock on the door.

You see… my grandma had a will.

An old one. In it, my mom was the beneficiary of all her assets and belongings.

And not only did she act on it, she put everything in her husband’s name…

The same Dan that convinced my mom when I was a 5-year-old to give me away.

At that point, I was already numb. It already felt like I lost everything when my grandma…

So… nothing mattered anymore.

I started packing what I could. I had nowhere to go.

So when morning came, I took my bags and I was just sitting on the porch.

Our neighbor Ruth saw me, came over, asked what I was doing, and I told her.

She then got up and went inside

It was really old and since the eviction notice said I was not allowed to take anything that had belonged to her, I didn’t even think of it.

Also… I was a 19-year old and that music box was old, ugly, and heavy.

Ruth gave it to me and took out her keys.

She took one little weird-shaped key and gave that to me as well.

“Your grandma asked me to give you this, if anything were to happen to her…”

If you’re hoping there was a new will in that box, unfortunately you couldn’t be further from the truth.

It was just a plain music box.

THAT helped tremendously.

I got a job at a local bookstore and managed to save up enough to get a room in a shared apartment.

But my life was NOT heading to where I had dreamed. Definitely not where my grandma worked so hard for me to go in life.

Sharing an apartment comes with roommates. That sometimes comes with partying.

Starting to use other substances you wouldn’t want your loved ones on.

My life was not spiralling down.

It was downright exploding like a rocket shot from the Universe’s gun.

Took me a while to do that… about two years…

But I finally got there…

The pawnbroker looked at me, tested it, and then said he’d be right back.

He returned from the back of the store with an elderly man – his father.

He asked me where I got the box from. I told him it belonged to my grandma and told him her name.

A single tear fell on the counter and he said:

“Well, if what you’re saying is true, then she must have really loved you.”

He asked me to the back of his store, into an office packed with books. It reminded me of my old bedroom.

He then told me the story of the music box: it was a custom piece he had made more than 50 years ago for my grandma.

The song it played was an old lullaby she had learned at the orphanage from a Greek immigrant nurse.

So far… nothing special.

Until he took the box, turned it upside down and fiddled with a little wooden piece. The tiniest drawer I had ever seen opened up.

Inside there was a piece of paper, rolled up like a scroll.

The old man gave it to me and I started reading.

The top had the lyrics, in Greek, of the song my grandma had learned at the orphanage.

The music box’s melody went along with it. But after that, there were my grandma’s words….

The old man took me by the shoulders and lifted me up.

It was the first hug I’d received from a man since my father had died.

He then whispered in my ear: “I have something for you that’ll give you a head start.”

The same words my grandma said to me over the years. He went to his desk, grabbed a pile of papers and put them in my arms:

“When I built this music box for your grandma, I read the letter. I actually made a copy of it, because it was mysterious, intriguing, and… it wasn’t addressed to anyone.

It took me decades to discover what she meant. And everything I found out… is in these files.

Take good care of them and maybe… try to actually listen to the song the music box plays from time to time. It might do you good.”

I was speechless… I wasn’t even able to say “thank you…”

I went back home and started reading the papers the old man gave me. I also turned the key and grandma’s lullaby started to play.

That night I fell asleep surrounded by papers and notebooks.

When I woke up the next day, it was 7:15 am. It was the first time in at least one year I was waking up before noon.

And oooh… they did change:

I got my job at the bookstore back. The owner allowed me to get as many books as I wanted related to Ancient Greece and their music and I took my music box with me to work and played it for every customer at check out

Soon enough, the bookstore’s sales started skyrocketing. I got a raise and moved into a studio, ALONE

It almost seemed like a story…

It was supposed to be like that…

Because stories come from a special place.

Stories come from our most hidden desires and dreams.

Stories are the foundation of our upbringing.

Whether they’re being read to us by someone who loves us more than they love themselves…

Or they’re the stories we tell ourselves when we fall asleep crying because our lives seem so bad we can barely make it through each day.

And ALL of these stories have one thing in common:

Remember this word, I say, because it might just…”give you a head start”.

With every page I read from the old man’s research I came closer to what my grandma was trying to tell me…

But I also needed to go back to my childhood and the stories she read to me…

The ones that inspired me most…

Were the ones that will give you access to the ancient Greek secret that unlocks your true potential by channeling the Universe’s energy into materializing your deepest hopes and dreams.

You might already know
who these muses are, even though you might not know their names… 

Now they will do the same for you…

By giving you access to…

The first questions that pop in your head might be:

Why are muses so special?

What makes you so confident it will work for me?

Why are these vibration tracks better than any others I’ve encountered?

While I’ve spent more than five years developing this and giving it away for free to test out its results, I won’t share MY thoughts on it.

Healing with sound “music” dates back as far as ancient Greece… 

The ancient Greeks used music as therapy.

And the actual word ‘therapy’ comes from the Greek therapia, meaning “to serve or help medically.” 

I don’t know if you can…

But try for a second to visualize the recovery rooms in ancient Greece for hospitalized patients: Most of these hospitals were built on the coast, or on a southern-facing hillside, with amazing green views. 

And in the courtyard, music always played… 

Patients were even encouraged to leave their rooms to attend musical performances to assist in their healing and quick recovery.

Now, you might say… “well, they weren’t as advanced as we are now, so they had to use something that increased quality of life to mimic an actual recovery”…

That’s the first thing I usually hear from anyone.

If that were true, how come the healing power of sound was never abandoned?

To circle back a bit… the word ‘music’ comes from the Muses, the daughters of Zeus who were the patron goddesses of creative and intellectual endeavors.

And in the Greek culture, the inspiration they brought made important healers listen to their call.

Aesculapius cured mental disorders with songs.

The philosophers Plato and Aristotle claimed that music affected the soul and the emotions. 

Hippocrates – the father of medicine and the creator of the Hippocratic oath every single medical professional takes to this day… 

Played music for his patients, too.

Music played a critical part in my personal healing journey.

Pythagoras is also credited with being the first person to use music as medicine.

Pythagoras and his followers also utilized music, singing, playing musical instruments, and dancing to clear any blockages in the chakras

i.e. any trapped mental or emotional stress or fears.

And their research was later utilized in other civilizations…

Whenever the spirit from God came on Saul, David would take up his lyre and play. Then relief would come to Saul; he would feel better, and the evil spirit would leave him.”

I’ll share something else with you.

…Something that touches, even more, the realms of our reality and how the world around us works.

Music is a part of the cycle of natural life…

Music is based on rhythm and harmony. Human life is based on rhythm…

…and all functions of life are rhythmic…

Manfred Clynes (born 1925), a neurophysiologist whose family fled from Austria to Australia, published extensive data documenting the relationship between music, brain, and mind.

His classical textbook “Music, Mind, and Brain”, published in 1982, is the benchmark of excellence in the field.

According to him, music brings about the excitation of the limbic system with corresponding changes in neurotransmitters, such as catecholamine, indolamine, dopamine, endorphin, and the latest, neuron growth hormone.

You may have heard of it…

Called the Genome Project, it is the work of Venter et al – published in 2001 in the journal Science.

A Japanese geneticist and musician, Susumu Ohno (1929–2000), author of the seminal work Evolution by Gene Duplication (1970), was the first to propose the hypotheses of the Barr body and human paleopolyploidy.

And he also contributed articles to the journal Immunogenetics.

For example, each organism’s genes are composed of strands of DNA, which are made up of four nucleotides containing the four amino acids – adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine. 

The order of these bases of repeated four is far from random…

Ohno stated that this is hardly surprising because recurrence is rampant in nature. 

According to Ohno in his classical paper “Genomes and Music:

When Ohno assigned notes to each of the four bases—cystine for do, adenine for re and mi, guanine for fa and sol, thymine for la and ti, and cytosine again for do, the genes made music.

And that music wasn’t just melodies repeating endlessly…

When all is said and done, it is Socratic elenchus of self-examination, self-acceptance, and external love like the one you receive from:

Support of the universal family,

that brings us security and fulfillment of our maximum potential.

And now, in my gratitude, I am offering it to you…

Because what it has done for me is probably the best reward I could ever receive…

I could tell you it brought me:

– The ability to fly in business class or with private jets

– Stability to not worry about any future bill

– Peace of mind to take time off work without worrying where my next paycheck will come from

– More connected to my family

– A friend and confident to my children

– My parents and my in-laws’ financial and moral support

And all of it would be true.

These tracks did something far more powerful…

They helped me reconnect with my true self.

They gave me the ability to say YES to my inner voice.

They opened me up so that I can listen to myself, to my instincts and intuition, and tune in to the ancient knowledge already within me, carried in my very DNA… 

And all of this is what helps ME create the health, wealth, and abundance I listed above!

The Universe is now giving me prosperity. 

Sometimes it feels like it’s serving up everything I ever wanted on a silver platter…

But it wouldn’t do that if I were blocking its energy!

With the help of my grandmother’s lullaby, I was able to find the exact frequency at which our minds become in sync with the Universe… 

Every single melody comes from ancient sources passed through generations. 

You will now receive unique melodies…

Some of which have belonged to just one family… 

These have heritages dating back two thousand years… 

And don’t think I’ve just patched them together…

The final result was analyzed by a team of physicists, genome specialists, oncologists, and psychiatrists…

And now you can have access to it too…

Make sure you are ready and open to becoming the being you’ve always known you were meant to be.

Prepare to fill your life with peace, mindfulness, acceptance, and abundance…

And promise that you’re willing to remain a giver.

Because you will have enough of everything you’ve dreamed of to sustain and support yourself and everyone you hold dear.

And it won’t even make a dent in your finances…

The primal muses were the inspiration for these three guided meditation tracks.

Only twelve minutes and twelve seconds long, these three tracks are the foundation to grounding your inner spirit and connecting your frequency to that of the Universe, so that you can start manifesting the beautiful life you want.

If you allow yourself to open up…

They will empower you to have the ability to tap into your own memory and the ancestral memory held within each of us. 

You will be able to find your voice and the courage to channel your emotions and bring to life your soul’s purpose.

You will gain the ability to stay consistent in your actions and never experience
self-sabotage ever again. 

The Muses will give you guidance on your day to day life, giving you the care and support you have always deserved.

Following Pythagoras’ research, if you start and end your days with one of these three 100-minute tracks specifically created to enhance the attributes given to you by each of the five muses, you will be able to regain and maintain control of your life. 

It will completely reset your mind and soul, giving you the perfect opportunity to take the restorative break you deserve away from the stressful world. 

Perfectly created as background enhancers, they can help you:

-Truly pay attention to detail

-Gain clarity in your thoughts and actions

You can listen to any of them before you sleep, helping you recharge your energy cells to 200% the next day.

Daily struggles are normal.

Divine inspiration and guidance is the only thing we need sometimes. 

And time is not always our best friend.

That’s why I created these five 15-minute tracks.

Just like your body needs replenishment throughout the day, your mind and spirit need it also. 

The “Olympus Blessings” audios are designed to give you the mental and spiritual boost you need throughout the day.

They will enable you to tap into the ancestral knowledge within you and receive the solution you’re looking for, whether it’s: 

Put your faith in the muses and let them inspire you.

All you need to do is tap the button below to get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to Mythology Bliss so you can begin living the life you truly want with just 12 minutes and 12 seconds per day!

The best part about this program is that you can listen to it on all of your devices like your smartphone, your iPod, your iPad, another tablet, or your laptop. Everything is taken care of so you experience the full Mythology Bliss experience right away.

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My relationship with my parents and wife have gotten a lot better and my business took a turn for the better too!

5 stars for Mythology Bliss! Thank you”

“From day 1 of listening to Mythology Bliss, I was amazed by the guided meditation and meditation audio.

I got to learn more about Greek mythology while meditating on the wonders of the muses.

I followed the weekly meditation and to be really honest it helps. I felt refreshed and like a new person ready to take on my job!

Thank you, Mythology Bliss!”

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“My husband and I have been on really bad terms for 4 years. I bought this product as a last resort to save this relationship, even tried going for therapy which wasted a lot of my money.

After listening to the guided meditation, I felt so calm and peaceful. I knew that this could be the lifeline I was always searching for!

After much convincing, my husband tried it himself.

Now 2 months have passed, we have gotten a lot closer and we agreed to give this relationship another try!

100% recommend this to anyone that needs help or just wants to improve themselves!”

“The best gift I ever got from a friend!

Never would I imagine how much I have manifested in just a week, so many things have changed for the positive.

Thank you, Mythology Bliss! The confidence and happiness I have manifested into are surreal!”

If you decide to join me today, you are protected with my 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

My promise to you is this:

Mythology Bliss will be the magic key that helps you unlock your wildest dreams or I insist you write to me for a full, no questions asked refund

When our customers are not satisfied, we aren’t happy.

We aim to give all our customers 100% satisfaction.

I just showed you a few testimonials of people who have tried our product and loved it.

If, in any way, we do not meet your expectations, kindly contact us and we’ll happily refund your money back with an apology note.

If you are willing to give your dreams a fighting chance…

We have a special offer going on right now for our first 100 members.

This offer is only available for a limited time after which it will go back to the normal price.

This soundtrack is the healing element you need in your everyday life.

Listen to it in the morning and it will balance your heart chakra to enhance your feeling of self-worth and love.

Use it to start every single day with a boost of energy that no coffee or tea will ever be able to provide.

Access now the Ancient Greek healing secret that allows you to transform music into powerful positive energy.

Surround yourself in an energetic mist enabling you to take on the world without anxiety or stress.

In other words, it’s important for you to secure your copy now to make sure you receive the absolute best deal.

Yes. All the tracks have been designed in such a way that if you only dedicate 12 minutes and 12 seconds each day, you will reap the full benefits in less than a week.

After you make the purchase, you will instantly receive a download link for all the tracks, in your registered email. We do ask you to check your spam folder and contact us immediately if you cannot find it.

Yes. Our website is mobile-friendly and you will also be able to download all tracks onto any device you desire.

The tracks have the ability to enhance your frequency so that you align your dreams to the vibrational waves of energy surrounding us, which are the foundation of manifestation. If you keep an open heart, you will join everyone else who has used this program successfully and manifest even your most hidden dreams.

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