Weekly Health Quiz: COVID, Net Zero and Fact Checkers

1 Who is Dr Robert Malone?

  • He is an online university biochemistry professor
  • He is a former U.S. Food and Drug Administration official and whistleblower
  • He developed the nanolipid used in mRNA gene therapy
  • He invented the basic mRNA and DNA vaccine platform technology

    Dr. Robert Malone invented the central platform technology for mRNA and DNA vaccines. He is very concerned about the lack of transparency about side effects, the censorship of discussions and the lack of informed consent that they entail. Learn more.

2 Instead of encouraging open information sharing, the media and their “fact checkers” have successfully used the pandemic to:

  • Generate fear and control human behavior

    The media and its “fact checkers” have succeeded in generating fear and controlling human behavior through the pandemic. Learn more.

  • Increase their journalistic integrity
  • Make sure all opinions and facts are represented
  • Protect freedom of expression

3 Why are variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus unlikely to pose a significantly different or worse risk to people with natural immunity, compared to the original?

  • Because the variants are completely new viruses, so your immune system comes into play
  • Because the variants are at most 0.3% different from the original, so T cells can easily recognize and protect themselves from them

    The variants are unlikely to pose significantly different risks for people with natural immunity compared to the original, as resistance is primarily based on your T cells, which have been shown to recognize and attack variants up to 80. % different. The SARS-CoV-2 variants are at most 0.3% different from the original, which means that T cell immunity will easily recognize and protect them from them. Learn more.

  • Because natural immunity to a virus means you are immune to all viruses
  • SARS-CoV-2 does not mutate

4 While there are obvious problems with COVID-19 gene-based “vaccines”, scientists are already working on which of the following?

  • DNA-based seasonal influenza vaccines
  • An mRNA AIDS vaccine
  • A combined injection of COVID-influenza mRNA and a combined pneumococcal-COVID booster

    Scientists are moving full steam ahead to produce several additional genetic vaccines, including the first COVID influenza mRNA vaccine, a pneumococcal-COVID mRNA booster for adults over 65, and vaccines against seasonal mRNA influenza. Learn more.

  • A hepatitis B mRNA vaccine to be given at birth

5 The term “net zero” does not mean zero emissions, because wealthy polluters will still be able to:

  • Transition to cleaner alternatives
  • Settle the damage of their past mistakes
  • Use renewable energy resources
  • Continue to pollute

    Carbon offsets and the new ‘net zero’ accounting trick don’t mean zero emissions. This means that the rich polluters will continue to pollute and also grab the lands and resources of those who did not pollute – indigenous peoples and small farmers – to offset carbon emissions. Learn more.

6 The evidence is now overwhelming that SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 pandemic are the result of:

  • A lab trip

    The evidence is now overwhelming that SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 pandemic are the result of a lab release. Learn more.

  • A mutated bat virus
  • Man’s natural contact with animals
  • Entirely natural origins

7 Research shows a strong correlation between increased celiac disease and which of the following?

  • Decrease in the use of glyphosate thanks to organic farming
  • Increased use of glyphosate as a desiccant on wheat

    There is a strong correlation between the increase in celiac disease over time and the increased use of glyphosate on wheat, which is the main culprit in celiac disease. Learn more.

  • Increased levels of arsenic and lead in irrigation water
  • Excessive Levels of Linoleic Acid in Processed Foods


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