Weekly Authority: OnePlus accelerator debacle, OLED model and Qualcomm phone

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Popular news this week

OnePlus 9 Pro returns

  • OnePlus 9 Pro strangled: When you build your entire branding around 1) performance 2) affordability and 3) honesty, you risk getting in trouble. when you get caught 1) slow down apps to save battery 2) on your new $ 1000 phone 3) and lie about it. It’s another black eye for what was the default brand for Android enthusiasts..
  • OLED model, oh my god: You have to give it to Nintendo. Where other companies ring their product names fancy at all costs, the venerable Nintendo has gone the other way. Nintendo Switch (OLED model) Perhaps the most disappointing name of all time, but the biggest problem is the disappointing list of upgrades. The titular OLED is about the only thing worth talking about, namely … Fine? Disappointing? Who knows at this point?
  • Ok Google, how many lawsuits can you get involved in? 36 US states have filed an antitrust complaint against Google, allegation of anti-competitive practices related to the Play Store. The lawsuit claims that Google is stifling competition and preventing the rise of alternatives to the Play Store. Google has released a lengthy rebuttal, but some of the preliminary evidence seems pretty damning. Google would have gone as far as pay Samsung to do not promote your Galaxy Store. All the time praising the opening of the Android ecosystem. This is the last major lawsuit targeting Google, as regulators around the world are disappointed with Big Tech in general and Big G in particular.
  • Qualcomm shows its customers how to do it (!?): New “Smartphone for Insiders SnapdragonIs like the anti-Nexus. Where Google has put the operating system in the spotlight, Qualcomm’s phone focuses on the chips inside. The device is an Asus collaboration that will retail for $ 1,499 when it is released in August. Should we buy it? We are taking risks and we are telling you now – probably not!
  • It is more and more difficult to buy cheap phone accessories: Another big brand of accessories has disappeared from Amazon. It’s Choetech this time around, joining the ranks of Aukey, RAVPower, TaoTronics and Mpow. You can bet market leader Anker is feeling nervous right now. Apparently it all stems from shady incentive review programs, but you have to ask – do these summary executions really benefit clients? (The edge)
  • The ups and downs of the billionaire space race: Even the richest man in the world is not immune to trolling. At least, not when the troll is another billionaire with dizzying ambitions. Richard Branson is about to soar into space (well, at least until the end) today at 9am ET, beating Jeff Bezos and his Blue Origin in his fist. Blue Origin didn’t take Branson’s thunder flight lightly, signaling with pedantry that the Virgin Galactic VSS Unity will only go up to 89 km. It is below the Kármán line (100 km), one of the several commonly accepted definitions of edge of space (National Geographic).
  • Whichever definition you adhere to, you can watch it all live in a few hours (Youtube).


Sony Xperia 1 II test 1 year before


Technical schedule

  • July 19-23: Game Developers Conference (GDC).
  • July 31-August 5: Black hat United States
  • Early August: Samsung Unpacked Event?

Technical Tweet of the week

For a little fun, check out auto giant Stellantis’ slogan list for its electrified brands. We can confirm that these are 100% official and company endorsed slogans, not elaborate satire.

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