Volvo And Starbucks Team On Fast EV Chargers With Your Latte


Unlike Tesla’s Superchargers in the US, the Volvo-branded chargers won’t be limited solely to owners of Volvo EVs and PHEVs. Anybody with a ChargePoint account and a compatible vehicle should be able to plug in and recharge, in fact. However, Volvo drivers will get either free charging, or preferential rates, depending on the location.

Volvo EVs and PHEVs with the Android Automotive OS infotainment system will be able to use the ChargePoint app – released first for the Polestar 2, the EV from Volvo’s all-electric cousin – to locate their nearest station. However, they’ll also show up in the regular ChargePoint app, too.

Installation of the chargers is expected to be completed by the end of this year. Whether it goes any further than that, meanwhile, depends on how well the pilot runs.


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