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We are proud that some of the UK’s most respected and trusted agricultural and mixed veterinary practices are part of VetPartners, a UK-wide veterinary group that puts animals and humans at the forefront of everything what he does.

Founded by vets, VetPartners understands that no two practices are the same, and we celebrate and embrace this spirit of independence, allowing our farm vets to continue their close working relationship with customers.

Excellent service

We believe in investing in people, our practices, our facilities, our equipment and the latest technology so that we can provide exceptional veterinary care to livestock and excellent service to farmers.

In these difficult times for the veterinary profession, we provide a safe home for our practices and employees.

With our practices, our goal is to provide excellent service to farmers and improve the health, welfare and productivity of their livestock.


We do this by investing in our vets and helping them develop their skills and knowledge to meet the expectations of UK farmers and grow with their needs.

We know that you value your trusting relationship with your local practice and that you can always count on the personal touch of your farm veterinarian.

But being part of a larger network of practices has huge benefits for our farm vets, who can access greater resources, specialist knowledge, and technical data solutions that are only available to our family. of practices.

Our vets

Our goal at VetPartners is for farmers to be able to access a high and consistent level of farm control and to achieve this we recruit, train and retain the best people.

Learning is in our DNA, so we help develop individuals, practices and teams to ensure continuous improvement in what we do.

Our veterinarians have access to professional development opportunities and regular CPD and continuing education opportunities.

Our practice teams work together to find solutions to the challenges facing our agricultural customers, enabling them to take evidence-based approaches when discussing these issues with customers.


Technological advancements have permeated all industries across the globe and agriculture is no exception.

All of our vets work closely with Kingshay’s independent dairy specialists to develop farm animal health monitoring tools, which can be used to track all types of health and performance data to spot problems. before they are otherwise noticed, and improve the advice and analysis offered on the farm. .

Data-driven information is invaluable in making informed decisions about on-farm livestock care.

The next decade will be a decade of change for breeders and veterinarians.

As the incentive for sustainable agriculture is phased in, farmers will increasingly need to demonstrate how their management practices promote animal health and benefit the environment.

Investing in digital tools and training will allow our veterinarians to provide the best possible support to our clients as we navigate these changes together.

VetPartners invests in the next generation of veterinarians through its Agricultural Veterinarians graduate program because it is important that we attract the most talented graduates.

Our new farm vets have just spent two weeks at the South West Dairy Development Center, learning about all aspects of livestock management.

From the start of their career, we support our farm veterinarians to provide the best possible care to breeders and their livestock.

Veterinary partners

  • VetPartners is home to some of the UK’s most respected and trusted mixed veterinary farms and practices
  • We invest in people, practices, facility equipment and the latest technology
  • With our practices, our goal is to provide excellent service to farmers and improve the health, welfare and productivity of their livestock.

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