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This feature is especially relevant for minors and anyone who needs to prove ownership of a particular address. Sign and Verify allows you to use your Trezor to provide cryptographic proof that an address is under your control. In some jurisdictions, providing proof of ownership is a requirement for scholarship withdrawals, and it is common in pool mining to claim the accumulated funds.

Sign a message from an encrypted address you own

To sign or verify an address, open Trezor Suite and navigate to the account you want to verify. Note that some parts do not support signing and verifying. Once on the account page, choose Sign & Verify from the three-dot menu next to the Redeem button.

This is a message

Verifying a cryptocurrency address

To verify that a message has been signed by a given address, go to the Verify Message tab, paste the message address and signature details into the corresponding boxes, and click Verify.

To optimize the individual user experience in Trezor Suite, some settings can now be adjusted based on local system settings. This means that the app’s language preferences and color scheme can now automatically change based on global preferences.

Continue to improve the translation process of our Trezor Suite translation project on CrowdIn, this month we are releasing a beta version of the Czech language. As a Czech company, this is the natural next step after the successful release of Spanish in August, with many more to come.

The first scheduled Twitter Space talks about Modern encryption and Bitcoin takes place today at 8 p.m. CET / 11 a.m. PST, with guests Adam back and co-founder of SatoshiLabs Pavol Rusnak.

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