Tradefeedr and MarketFactory join forces

Ion Markets’ MarketFactory unveiled a new partnership with data and analytics provider Tradefeedr, whose data and analytics platform is now fully integrated with MarketFactory, allowing clients to review their trading margins, impacts and their spreads directly with liquidity providers, using a common platform and shared datasets.

Tradefeedr’s data analysis solution will be available as an add-on for new and existing customers using the MarketFactory service.

Tradefeedr has created a common and independent FX trading database allowing market participants from regional banks, regional banks, hedge funds, brokers and central banks to connect, analyze their trading data and collaborate . In June 2021, it launched its FX data analysis platform with more than 15 sell-side companies and 20 buy-side companies and 20 more in the pipeline.

“MarketFactory’s partnership with Tradefeedr will expand our offering to clients, providing shared datasets through a unified platform,” says Eugene Markman, CEO of MarketFactory. “The combination of MarketFactory’s end-to-end connectivity and Tradefeedr’s unified, analytics-ready data is a compelling proposition in a market where real-time data-driven decision making is essential. “

Blaraj Bassi, co-founder of Tradefeedr, adds: “Our platform offers significant benefits to market players, improving collaboration and providing better access to trading information, providing greater transparency and confidence in the market.

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