Tiffany Frangione, 48, mutilated to death by her own dogs

A Texas woman found dead in her backyard may have been mutilated by her own dogs, police said.

Tiffany L. Frangione, 48, was found with fatal puncture injuries to her neck in her Houston backyard last Friday morning.

Police believe Tiffany Frangione attempted to intervene in a fight between her dog and the neighbor’s dog when they turned on her.
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Frangione had let her two puppies out into her backyard when they started fighting with the neighbor’s dog through the fence, detectives said.

They believe Frangione was trying to intervene when her own dogs – a 5-year-old female Alaskan husky and a male Cane Corso – turned on her.

She was dead when the cops arrived at the scene.

The dogs are to be euthanized on Monday.
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Frangione’s husband handed the two dogs over to the BARC animal shelter in Houston on Friday, according to the local ABC affiliate. KTRK.

The dogs were to be euthanized on Monday.

Police said they were waiting for the results of the autopsy to determine the official cause of Frangione’s death.

The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences will issue the conclusion.

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