These are the states that are trying the Covid vaccine lotteries

Massachusetts and Michigan this week joined the parade of US states that have introduced lotteries for residents who receive Covid-19 vaccines, seeking to bolster vaccinations with headlines like “Shot of a Lifetime,” “Vax for the Win, ”“ Comeback Cash ”and even“ Do It for Babydog ”(thanks, West Virginia).

In Massachusetts, the 73 percent of fully immunized adults can enter for a chance to win one of five million dollar cash prizes. Residents aged 12 to 17, over 60% of whom have received at least one injection, may, after full vaccination, have a chance to receive one of five scholarships of $ 300,000.

In Michigan, the lottery allows residents who have only one shot to register. Thus, the 58% of fully immunized adults and the additional 4% with partial protection can register – once – for a draw of $ 50,000 in any of the 30 days, or the possibility of winning a single draw of $ 1 million or one draw of $ 2 million. The over 32 percent of 12 to 17 year olds in the state who have received at least one injection can register for one of nine chances to win a four-year grant worth $ 55,000.

Whether the lotteries work is another question. Some states have reported an increase in vaccinations after starting their lottery programs. But Ohio, the first state to offer a lottery, saw a first bump evaporate and dropped out of the program. In ArkansasGovernor Asa Hutchinson said last week that the incentives the state tried were “no longer getting the results we want” and would be finished.

Here’s what other states have done:

Many states offer incentives, but Ohio was the first state to announce a May 12 cash lottery and a million dollar winner. (He finished the program last week.)

California, Colorado, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington, and West Virginia have also awarded or will award seven-figure prizes.

In Alabama – where only a third of all eligible residents are fully immunized – the Talladega Superspeedway offered free tests and vaccines, and offered everyone 16 and over the chance to drive their car or truck on the track if they attended.

Cash prizes are common, but some states have been creative. Delaware’s incentives include free tolls within the state. In Indiana, there is a box of Girl Scout cookies for those who get shot at designated sites. In Maine, a person vaccinated will get $ 1 for every person vaccinated in the state as of July 4, a total that approaches 900,000. And New Jersey awarded a dinner at the governor’s residence.

Many companies, including dating apps, restaurants, grocery stores, and drugstores, continue to offer incentives to people who are resistant to vaccines. Krispy Kreme, celebrates, distributes a free donut to clients who present their vaccination record.

United Airlines has just closed a draw for free travel around the world for one year; Kroger donates $ 1 million and free rides for a year to a lucky customer; and CVS competition has free cruises, Super Bowl LVI tickets, and cash among its prizes.

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