These $ 20 e-learning options could make this the summer of your new career

TLDR: These six sets of courses explore new professional skills worth considering, from graphic design and machine learning to music production beyond, each for just $ 20 right now.

Global economies are recovering, but the interesting point is that many workers around the world have a different view of the if getting back to normal is a good thing. For many, a low-wage set of jobs with few benefits and little upward mobility no longer works.

If you feel like it’s time to start a new lifestyle, whatever your new direction, it’s probably worth taking a look at some of the online training opportunities available right now as part of the July 4th summer sale. Right now, all of those course packages that sell for between $ 1,200 and $ 2,500 are priced in the summer at just $ 20.

Dive in. Start your summer on the right foot. Learning is good.

The Graphic Design School Masters Pack

These seven courses with over 40 hours of training help users experience the world of graphic design, ranging from design theory courses to hands-on use of some of the world’s most powerful graphics applications. From the basics of color theory, typography, branding, layout and more to using some of Adobe Creative Cloud’s crown jewels like Photoshop, Illustrator, and more. InDesign, this training is an interior path to a viable future as a design professional.

Get The Graphic Design School Masters Pack for $ 20 (reg. $ 1,400)

The ultimate Deep Learning and NLP certification pack

Even if you’ve never thought of yourself as a die-hard data scientist, the machine learning and artificial intelligence industries are full of options. This set of six courses covering 36 hours of material introduces the fundamentals of machine learning, the principles of artificial intelligence fueling this breakthrough, and practical frameworks for putting this cutting-edge knowledge into practice.

Get The ultimate Deep Learning and NLP certification pack for $ 20 (reg. $ 1,200)

The Premium Bootcamp for DJing and Music Production ft. Ableton and Logic Pro X

Who hasn’t imagined a career as a world-renowned musician… or, at the very least, a successful record producer? Over nine courses and over 56 hours of training, students receive hands-on training in music creation, from fundamentals of music theory to recording and mixing tracks using Ableton 10, one of the most popular and reliable audio workstations. There’s even training here on how to promote your music through social media, the record industry, streaming services, and more.

Get The Premium Bootcamp for DJing and Music Production for $ 20 (reg. $ 1,791)

The 2021 White Hat Hacker Ultimate Certification Pack

There is perhaps no more urgent occupation in our modern world than defending vulnerable computer systems from exploitation and attack. During this collection of 10 lessons and almost 100 hours, learners acquire all the basics to become a hacker, using the tools and abilities of cyber crooks and thieves to do it right, correct weak spots, strengthening protections and generally fighting the forces of evil to help make the world a better and happier place. Plus, this collection comes with test prep to help secure valuable CompTIA security credentials to jumpstart your new career.

Get The 2021 White Hat Hacker Ultimate Certification Pack for $ 20 (reg. $ 1,345)

The Ultimate Cyber ​​Security & IT Career Certification Training Package

How about moving from simple cybersecurity expertise to literally everything in the vast IT realm? This giant collection with nearly 170 hours of intensive training opens doors for the entire internet technology industry, with courses with training to help earn up to 6 different CompTIA certifications. With all of these accomplishments, students are ready to apply – and land – the first IT jobs they need to start a career.

Get The Ultimate Cyber ​​Security & IT Career Certification Training Package for $ 20 (reg. $ 1,592)

The 2021 Master Learn to Code certification pack

Learning to Code is 21st century reading, writing and arithmetic. To start programming, this set of 13 lessons with nearly 120 hours of lessons presents all the basics to get started. From languages ​​like Python, C ++, Ruby and more to project-based learning to deeper exploration of areas like IT, big data and machine learning, new students are exposed to all the different platforms- shapes and techniques to create whatever they need to build digitally. At less than $ 1.50 per class, that’s too good a deal to pass up.

Get The 2021 Master Learn to Code certification pack for $ 20 (reg. $ 2,594)

Prices are subject to change.

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