The suspect’s parents have not fled and are returning soon, their lawyers say


Crumbley’s patents are seen via a video call during their son’s arraignment on December 1. (WDIV)

When asked if Ethan Crumbley’s parents were missing in Oakland County, Mich., Sheriff Michael Bouchard told CNN it was “correct.”

“If they think they’re going to run away, they don’t,” Bouchard told CNN’s Victor Blackwell on Friday.

Bouchard said the agents are working with partners from the FBI and the US Marshal Service. CNN has reached out to the two for comment.

The Crumbleys’ attorney was working with law enforcement to make himself available for arrest once the charges are announced, according to the sheriff, who added that the couple are no longer communicating with the attorney.

“It indicates their intention to flee,” Bouchard said.

When asked if Bouchard feared the couple were armed, he acknowledged that “anything is possible” and warned that people should not approach the couple.

All available resources are dedicated to their location, the sheriff said.

The couple were not under surveillance until “it got closer to last night” when charges were pending and detectives began to monitor them. There had been no early watch on them before as no charges were pending.

Bouchard could not answer if the couple were in Michigan when they appeared on video during their son’s arraignment earlier this week.

Asked about the exact time his department last found out about the Crumbleys’ location, the sheriff said, “I should actually talk to detectives to find out where they last contacted them or where they were. last had them. I mean, that obviously just happened recently. ”


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