The Nifty Company Announces Revolutionary Digital Dice Game NFTs

Draco Dice Positioned To Be “The Internet Dice”

HUMACAO, Puerto Rico, October 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via CryptoCurrencyWire – After minting over 1,000,000 NFTs via the best-selling Blockchain Heroes digital collectible set, the team behind well-known collections in the crypto space set out to create NFTs of revolutionary games for a new generation of video games.

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The Draco Dice are a set of over 3,300 unique, individually selected dice guaranteed to appeal to dice collectors and NFT enthusiasts. The First Edition dice are slated for release on Saturday, November 6 at noon EST with mobile play coming in early 2022. Owners will be able to play one-on-one with other collectors in a win-win format.

“The dice are the reflection of transcendent patterns, inspired by the geometric perfection that fills nature. The Draco Dice are an exploration of the untapped potential of this beauty – which is why they are so visually appealing! Said Draco Dice creator Zach Comm. “Kicking off the utility with ‘Draco Dice: Skirmish’ is absolute fun on the grounds that I’ve never seen a dice-based spin on the collectible games that our culture has celebrated for decades, and it’s hard to believe. that ‘Skirmish’ is just the beginning.

The NFT Game Pioneer Bundle will go on sale in packs of varying quantities at noon EST on the launch date at The first edition ‘portal’ boxes will be sold only for WAX cryptocurrency (WAXP Tokens), with each game NFT pack offering surprises, as the dice in each pack are randomly generated. Each box will contain a complete set of six dice featuring the conventional 4-sided, 6-sided, 8-sided, 10-sided, 12-sided and 20-sided shapes in random variations and rarities.

With all of the original artwork created by veteran Hasbro and Disney illustrator Clark Mitchell, Draco Dice features amazing variations and finishes for pieces, such as wood, plastic, glass, metal, porcelain, jelly. and stone. Unlike many NFTs today, Draco Dice are not procedurally generated. They are beautifully and lovingly designed to delight collectors and enthusiasts alike.

“After covering the NFT space for four years and producing over a million high demand NFTs for a sold-out audience, we had the opportunity to understand the needs of gamers in a new digital world,” said Joel Comm, CEO of Nifty Company. He continued, “Collectors seek utility, portability and fun in their gaming NFTs. Draco Dice provides the roadmap to making this dream a reality.

Since the dawn of human history, the dice have been embedded in cultures as a tool to pit luck and strategy against friends, neighbors and rivals. Their use in board games, pop culture, role-playing games and simple betting make the dice the most permanent part of the gaming field on our heritage. With that in mind, Draco Dice is designed to become a new standard for digital assets for use by other game developers. Brands from all industries will be invited to create their own Draco Dice designs to publish via the Original Collection, and leverage existing Draco Dice to power their own games.

Originally released on the WAX ​​blockchain, Draco Dice plans to be one of the first cross-blockchain game NFTs welcoming users of Ethereum, Polygon, Flow, and other popular channels into the collection. They are true NFTs with unprecedented agility between blockchains, leveraging “NFT Anywhere” technology.

WAX digital collectibles are blockchain-based NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Each WAX NFT is one of a kind, exhibiting unique characteristics that set it apart from all the other items in the collection. Because WAX ​​NFTs are blockchain-based, they can be instantly authenticated as genuine and can never be duplicated. WAX is used by other major brands around the world including Atari, Capcom, Funko, and DeadMau5.

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