The Good Samaritan describes how he foiled the attempt to kidnap a child from the Bronx

A Good Samaritan said he was ready to hit a deranged idiot who tried to kidnap a 3-year-old Bronx girl – and followed him until the cops showed up and caught him.

Juan Carlos Cavellero, 27, was on gasoline in East Tremont on Monday afternoon when he saw Santiago Salceda, 27, catch little Lilianna Repka as she walked with her grandmother and two brothers and sisters and went away.

“I jumped out of my car to try and beat him,” said Wednesday to The Post Cavellero, who lives in Manhattan. “They were shouting, ‘Help! Call the cops! ‘ I tell them, ‘Why are you screaming? Call the cops! ‘

“I said to him, ‘Leave the little baby alone,’ he remembers. “He said, ‘She’s in trouble. I have to take him. I say, ‘You’re going to have problems.’ He said, ‘What are you going to do?’ He saw that I was going to hit him. He starts to run.

Cavellero said he had followed the potential kidnapper “for about three car lengths” when the man saw him following him and dropped the toddler off.

Santiago Salgado allegedly tried to catch Lilianna Repka.
William C. Lopez / NYPOST

“I don’t want any problems,” he said, the suspect said. “I see the person is crazy.”

Cavellero said he called the cops and followed the creep for about six blocks.

“He saw me following him,” he said. “He put on dark glasses like he was someone else. I saw a cop car undercover. “Stop this guy. He tried to steal a little baby.

Salcedo was arrested and arraigned on Tuesday night on charges of attempted kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment and sentenced to $ 15,000 on bail.

The indictment of Santiago Salcedo.
Santiago Salcedo appears at his arraignment after the crime.
Pool photo

The judge granted his lawyer’s request to receive “medical treatment and mental health services”. He is due back in court on Friday.

“If I’m not, nobody’s going to stop him,” Cavellero said. “If he doesn’t get arrested, he’ll try to do it with another baby.”

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