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Nexo, the crypto-asset lending and investing platform, has extended its B2B yield generation product by integrating its Earn API with Advcash, a multi-asset payment platform. Nexo’s competitive returns on cryptocurrency savings are now readily available to over four million Advcash users.

Advcash offers a payment platform for fiat and crypto currencies with fast and flexible accounts that individual investors and businesses can use to manage their assets in a single environment.

The Nexo Earn API provides up to 8% APY in compound interest on 16 different assets directly into users’ Advcash accounts with the intuitive wallet interface they are familiar with.

Nexo’s latest partnership with Advcash comes after 10 previous implementations of the crypto lender’s customizable Earn API, including its addition to the ZenGo keyless crypto wallet earlier this year.

“With this mutually beneficial partnership, Nexo joins Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex and others as an Advcash partner, enriching the Advcash offering while increasing Nexo’s assets under management and bringing more people into its Earn suite. Crypto Interest. The addition of the Earn API to Advcash accounts also provides user-friendly exposure to some of the best returns in the industry, both for crypto natives and for those new to digital assets.
– Michael Bezrukov, product manager at Advcash

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