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It’s always fun to hear about new grants as they are awarded, but what happens after the announcement? In this series, we’re going to check out a few projects that are well advanced – or already at the finish line. Read on to learn more about some recent milestones and achievements of beneficiaries!

Devfolio for Ethereum India 2.0 Exchange

Devfolio’s Ethereum India 2.0 Fellowship had two streams, each targeting different groups for rigorous 8-week training and mentoring with the goal of onboarding talented developers into the Ethereum ecosystem. Track 1 brought 20 talented Web2 developers with little to no blockchain experience to:

  • Learn the building blocks for Ethereum development such as Solidity, Remix, and Hardhat
  • Explore a variety of use cases, from challenge to DAO, NFT, and decentralized storage
  • Work on an Ethereum-based project of their choice

Track 2 targeted intermediate Web3 developers to focus more intensely on developing a project over the full 8 weeks. Projects ranged from new L2 implementations to secure privacy infrastructure, with mentorship from industry veterans.

the EtherPunk Online Hackathon, which took place during the first half of the scholarship program, was a timely opportunity for scholars to submit their projects to the hackathon and connect with top developers for presentations and feedback sessions.

Fellows achieved a lot during and after the program – developers who started the program with little or no knowledge of Ethereum have already won thousands of dollars in hackathon prizes and internships at leading companies in the ecosystem. You can see the scholarship recipients’ final project submissions here.

Follow ETHIndia on Twitter @ethindiaco, and look at the Devfolio Blog for news on future events!

Web3 Laboratories for Web3d

Web3j is a JVM and Android integration library for Ethereum, created with the aim of making it easier for Java developers to work with Ethereum. Java is one of the most commonly used languages ​​in corporate environments, and JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is one of the most widely used development platforms. Web3j, first released by Web3 Labs founder Conor Svensson in 2016 to support JVM developers, has been developed and maintained by Web3 Labs since 2017. Web3 Labs has received a grant to continue its work on Web3j, with recent works including:

  • Web3j update Documentation
  • update of Maven plugin
  • Development on the management of the dependencies of the Solidity library
  • Added support for smart contract migration

The Web3 Labs team will continue to be the steward of Web3j, with work planned including improvements to the developer experience, implementation of the eth2 client open API, and improvements requested in a recent survey of users as well as ongoing maintenance.

Follow Web3 Labs on Twitter @ web3labs or contribute to Web3J on Github.

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