Spotlight on EEA members with Alexandre Bourget, co-founder and CTO of StreamingFast


Spotlight on EEA members with Alexandre Bourget, co-founder and CTO of StreamingFast
As a member of the EEA, StreamingFast will be part of the community of EEA organizations working to advance Ethereum and drive industry adoption. In the Q&A below, the EEA asked Alexandre Bourget about how StreamingFast is helping the ecosystem achieve the potential impact of Ethereum.

Please briefly introduce yourself and your company.
StreamingFast is a drastically different infrastructure product for Ethereum and for giving developers better queries and streaming semantics than blockchain nodes. The founding team is made up of serial entrepreneurs, with deep expertise in big data, cybersecurity, development operations and blockchain. Together we have built and sold 6 companies, the latter being sold to Intel. We are passionate about blockchain technology and our goal is to help developers build successful applications by organizing the world’s decentralized data.

Having built big data solutions at Intel, my team and I understand the data engineering challenges of maintaining large swathes of data such as blockchain data, but very few people are working on how to read fast and reliably this data. This is where StreamingFast comes in, with a radically different approach to streaming at first. StreamingFast’s core value proposition: It is the easiest, fastest and most reliable blockchain data stream in the industry, for real-time and historical data.

What brought you to the EEA and why did you decide to become a member?
Companies that work in the blockchain space will help drive the technology forward over the next decade. While basic protocols tend to focus on the best write speeds to the underlying blockchain databases, this often creates a lot of tradeoffs when it comes to reading that data. We have been dedicated to working on these solutions, and we believe the EEA – as the first stop for companies looking for advice – is the perfect fit to help us share our knowledge, tools and expertise in order to save these companies months of engineering time.

What are you currently working on with regards to Ethereum? How will end users benefit from your work?
We recently made public Fast streaming, a radically different infrastructure product for Ethereum. By giving developers better queries and streaming semantics, blockchain nodes can be optimized for a different role than they could ever provide natively. Well-known companies have been using our APIs for some time and the feedback we have received so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Most of the development teams we speak with have used multiple service providers for redundancy, occasional latency issues, and full functionality. After trying StreamingFast, some of our users were able to ditch all of their other providers because we were able to deliver a single solution that just worked when they needed it. The main value propositions of StreamingFast include:

Easier: use 90% less code. Unique integration to access low latency Ethereum data stream, from block 0 to top of the chain. No need for complex retry logic.
Cheaper: reduce 99% of your web calls3. Avoid out of sync calls. Use in-stream ERC-20 balances updates, Uniswap reserves, or any other contract status update.
More reliable: linear reading, no more sounding. Use of a paradigm shift slider for reliable flow linearity, guaranteed through disconnects and in fork situations. Something native nodes with WebSockets can only dream of.
Faster Real-Time Block Access: Get data sooner than any other traditional node provider. Our nodes are rushing to send data, instead of you hitting one in 1000 load balanced nodes, most of which are late due to propagation delays.
Complete: the complete history at your fingertips. Broadcast data and state changes since genesis. Let go of your archive nodes.
Data-rich, industry-wide. EVM call level introspection: full call graph, all status changes, logs, keccak data, gas costs, ether balance changes, internal transactions, input data and return data plus some decoded events and state changes.

StreamingFast is available for Ethereum mainnet and private Ethereum deployments.

How will the EEA improve your organization’s current efforts?
A comment we have received several times in the past was “How come we didn’t have StreamingFast when we started building?” We want to meet with businesses before they start building. We know we can save them time and money, and make sure Ethereum remains their first choice of protocol. By removing much of the added complexity of the blockchain around things like solving forks, companies will be able to go into production faster and simplify the experience for their developers. Our relationship with the EEA will give businesses exposure to the solutions they need, when they need them.

Which EEA programs are you most passionate about?
We are happy to participate in interest groups as well as working groups. We have been involved in blockchain business deployments for several years. As such, we look forward to sharing use cases, discussing industry requirements, and collaborating to develop open standards-based specifications to accelerate adoption of enterprise-based solutions. Ethereum.

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