Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson Makes Key Milestone, Removes Pin From Repaired Right Finger


RENTON, Washington – Seattle Seahawks strategist Russell wilson had the pin removed from his surgically repaired middle finger, a key milestone in his return from the most significant injury of his career.

But the question remains whether Wilson will be ready to play against the Packers at Lambeau Field on Nov. 14 after the Seahawks return (3-5) after this week’s recess.

Wilson posted a photo Monday afternoon of its deleted pin with the caption: “No more pins. It’s time to win ”. It was about an hour after coach Pete Carroll told reporters he still didn’t know when he would be pulled.

“I don’t know when it will be released and I don’t have any updates for you,” Carroll said. “Really, we just hope the best for his comeback and that everything is handled really well as we put him in the mode where he starts using his hand and finger with football and stuff. So we just have to do good. work and see what happens. There is no update at this time. “

Pulling out the pin is far from the last step in Wilson’s comeback, according to Carroll. He said the team have been told Wilson’s finger will then need to heal for “a few days” before they can resume the throw.

“This is how he works after he comes out and he’s ready to start growing,” Carroll said. “It’s more than that. There’s a pretty clear timeframe they think for the few days after the removal and then that’s just how it can progress. Of course the docs are going to look at it and see to it. what it looks like now, once he takes it out. This will be the first time he can bend his finger, so we have to see how that works. “

Wilson underwent surgery on October 8, a day after hitting his hand against Aaron Donald on a follow-up in the third quarter of the Seahawks’ loss to the The Los Angeles Rams. According to Dr. Steven Shin, who operated on Wilson, the surgery was to repair a ruptured tendon (mallet finger) and fracture-dislocation.

This placed Wilson in the injured reserve, ending his streak of 149 straight starts to start his career. He is eligible to return from the IR now that he has missed the required three games. Monday, when the Seahawks return from their leave, will mark four weeks and three days since Wilson’s surgery. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler and Adam Schefter initially reported that Wilson could return as early as four weeks after surgery.

Sunday morning Wilson posted photos showing the stitches removed from her finger and the end of the pin sticking out.

Later that day Geno Smith made his third start for Wilson and led the Seahawks to a 31-7 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars to break a three-game losing streak. Smith counted three touchdowns and no turnovers in his best performance since Wilson’s fall.

Carroll gave a more encouraging update on Chris Carson than the one he shared last Friday, when he hinted he wasn’t sure the running back would come back this season from his neck injury. Carson plans to practice next week with a view to returning to Green Bay, although Carroll is not sure he can play in that game.

Carson has missed the last four games and spent three in IR, meaning he is also eligible to return. He will be examined by doctors on Monday to determine if he is ready to return to practice.

“Then we’ll know where it is once we start training,” Carroll said. “He’s really determined to do this so I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for him so he can have the chance to come back on the pitch and start working with us. It’s about as optimistic as it gets so far. that we know more. “

Alex collins started all four games Carson missed, rushing 61 times for 227 yards and one touchdown during that span.

corner half DJ Roseau appears to be OK after leaving Sunday’s game with a groin pulled, by Carroll. He said an MRI came back clear.


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