Saudi Arabia says it deposited $5B in Egypt’s central bank


CAIRO (AP) — Saudi Arabia on Wednesday announced a $5 billion aid package to cash-strapped Egypt, where the economy is under mounting pressure, in part because of the economic fallout from Russia’s war on Ukraine.

The state-run Saudi Press Agency said the funds, deposited in Egypt’s Central Bank, are part of Saudi Arabia’s “tireless efforts” to support Egypt, the Arab World’s most populous country.

The new package came less than two weeks after the Central Bank of Egypt raised its key interest rate and allowed the local currency to slip to over 18.30 to the dollar — up from an average of 15.6 pounds for $1.

The moves have taken a heavy toll on poor and middle-class Egyptians who have faced price hikes since the government embarked on an ambitious reform program in 2016 to overhaul the country’s battered economy.

Allies Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have injected billions of dollars into Egypt over past years, helping shore up its economy battered by years of turmoil.

Egypt’s economy is under fresh pressure amid an inflationary wave triggered by the coronavirus pandemic and Russia’s war in Ukraine, which has hiked oil prices to record highs.

The war has also impacted the vital tourism sector, as most foreign visitors to Egypt’s Red Sea resorts have come from Russia and Ukraine. Egypt is also the world’s largest importer of wheat, most of it coming from Russia and Ukraine.


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