Ronin had 9 validators (wow!)…and the team controlled all of it.. and still managed to get hacked! What a joke: CryptoCurrency


This is what Ronin’s team looks like.

When you do all the work yourself

Now there is almost $600m worth coins stolen from this shit show that the hacker will be looking to dump. While CEX have blacklisted the hacker’s address already, nothing is stopping him from dumping all of it on DEX. He can play with the market though cashing out would seem difficult at this point.

Even Tornado cash is not 100% fool proof, as the recent NFT rugpull bust by DOJ suggests.. In that case the rug pull scammers used tornado to wash their coins but still got caught.

In this case it seems the hacker is already sending funds to CEX which means he is most likely KYCed or using fakes..


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