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Google Play Store redesign – all screenshots and Play Store feature graph are now at the same height – August 21

Another change with this Play Store overhaul is that screenshots of all Play Store listings are now the same height.

Previously, different sizes of screenshots (or presence of a video and therefore Play Store feature chart) would display screenshot galleries with different heights depending on the application.

Screenshots of Play Store List 1Play Store Listing with video 1

The feature’s screenshots and graph are now displayed smaller than ever before, making it crucial to use large copies. Even with the play store videos auto-play soon (see the latest news), do not neglect the characteristic graphic because we can still expect it to appear shortly (like the poster frame on iOS).

Google Play Store Re-design – videos for the suggested app and ads already showing in the app – August 21

Google has deployed the redesign of the Play Store, aligning with the Material design language.

Some videos that are already playing in the app are those of the featured app (like Mario Kart below) or the ads from the Play Store (below also). But all videos will be autoplay in the app soon (see the latest news on this page)!

New six-second bidding option for Twitter video ads – August 22

Interesting action on the Twitter side: They are now offering advertisers a new bidding unit for Twitter video ads where they are only charged when the ads are viewed for 6 seconds and with 50% of the ad in view.

This auction unit is its auction available worldwide on Sponsored Video, InStream Video Referrals, and InStream Video Ads for items 15 seconds or less in length. This comes at a time when shorthand creatives work best on most platforms and should push more advertisers to keep this in mind.

Consecutive Instagram Stories Ads – August 29

Facebook will test the display two Stories ads in a row (from different brands) to users, in the hope that this will reduce the perceived advertising load.

Play Store listing videos to autoplay soon – August 29

Google updated the promotional video section of their advice on graphics resources, screenshots and video to announce that Google Play will soon start automatically playing videos from Play Store listings! Google mentions that this happens “from September 2019”.

He also instructed developers in the Developer Console to remove ads on their Promotional video from the Play Store: you don’t want to confuse users with the ads in your ad.

automatic playback of promotional video

This is huge, because the user experience for playing videos on the Play Store was previously very poor.

It also means that it will become crucial to start your videos very loud, just like for Previews of the iOS app.

Videos from the Play Store will now be displayed quite small as they are autoplay so again any copy or user interface displayed should be large enough (zooms are strongly recommended).

Did we miss some big mobile video related news for March? If so, let us know in the comments!

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