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File photo dated 4/10/2021 of UK Brexit negotiator Lord Frost delivering a speech wearing a suit with a red tie. Lord Frost has made it clear that removing the ECJ’s oversight function with respect to the protocol is a red line for the government. – Peter Byrne / AP

The The EU’s four-part Brexit plan for Northern Ireland has been revealed and is set to resolve the dispute over the Northern Ireland Protocol. The proposals will include the removal of almost 80% of the controls necessary for meat and plants shipped to Northern Ireland and the prosecution of UK pharmaceutical companies supplying cheap generic drugs to Northern Ireland.

However, one of the main issues surrounding the new deal has been the EU’s refusal to strip European judges of their role in the province, which Brexit Minister Lord Frost has repeatedly called to be replaced by international arbitration on the model of the Brexit trade agreement.

Despite this, Britain could compromise on the role of the European Court of Justice in Northern Ireland after Lord Frost suggested he would start negotiations with Brussels without “red lines”. Yesterday evening, government sources admitted that the EU had “clearly” gone further than the UK had expected, with the two sides now due to start intensive talks as early as next week.

Our readers took advantage of the comments to discuss their views on the new Brexit deal for Northern Ireland, with some arguing that Northern Ireland would still be a compromise, while others expressed skepticism at with regard to the agreement. Read on to see what they had to say and share your perspective in the comments section at the bottom of this article.

Offering a different deal still keeps NI separate from the rest of the UK

@Mark Chaloner:

“Offering a different ‘deal’ for Northern Ireland than the rest of the UK still keeps Northern Ireland separate from the rest of the UK. I don’t see how trade unionists will accept that.”

“The EU has demonstrated its intention and its motivation”

@Peter Wookey:

“Over the past five and a half years, the EU and France in particular have pursued an openly hostile policy towards the UK.

“We just can’t allow them to continue to leverage us. We need to impose red tape on the Dover / Calais route to encourage companies to source from outside the EU. We must work to no longer need the electrical connection to France and shut it down permanently, as well as to ensure that our economic well-being is in no way linked to the judgments of the courts of a hostile power.

“These are imperatives for reasons of national security. The EU has demonstrated its intention and its motivation.”

“Northern Ireland is the key to accessing EU markets”

@Max cop:

“The world’s population is growing by around 50 million each year and we are seeing exponential growth in global demand.

“It is essential that the UK has access to EU markets, as the EU will have better access to global markets rather than the UK alone.

“Northern Ireland is the key to accessing EU markets. It will be very interesting to see if the EU gives in to Northern Ireland. Even if it does, the UK will feel still the effects of Brexit for years to come. “

“The EU’s offer is very suspect”

@Cathy Roche:

“I think the EU’s offer is very suspect. Remember, all this time they said there was no renegotiated deal and now they suddenly come in with freebies? you. “

“It should be rejected immediately”

@Mark Lawson:

“The fact that a foreign court rules over part of the UK – and refuses to allow independent review, is tantamount to being subjects of the EU. Even the country’s elected representatives cannot have a say. in drafting laws in Ulster in a country that has aligned itself over the past 45 years with the EU. Therefore, it should be dismissed immediately. “

“Their offer is carefully calculated”

@Tony Bentley:

“In my opinion, their offer is carefully calculated to keep the UK chained to the bloc through the ECJ mechanism while removing some of the artificial hurdles that they themselves imposed in the first place. If we accept, we are bound to them. If we refuse, we are unreasonable. They rejected all chances to be fair; it is time to find our best alternative to a negotiated agreement: a relationship with the WTO. “

“What problems is the EU trying to solve? “

@Alastair Harris:

“It’s great to talk about red lines and movements, but if you look closely at what is being discussed, you have to ask yourself: what problems is the EU trying to solve? the border one way or the other that is so important to require intervention?

“There is a border between Ireland and Northern Ireland and always has been. For the most part it has been ignored. Why should this change?”

“The EU has no alternative”

@Peter Wookey:

“There is only one reason the EU gives concessions, and that is that it has no other alternative. If the UK refuses to implement the PIN, then it simply cannot be implemented.

“Frost should just continue to reject all the EU’s concessions as inadequate. They have no choice but to keep offering more.”

“Northern Ireland has always been a compromise”

@David C:

“The two sides are so far apart and come up with ridiculous demands. I suggest they meet roughly in the middle and everyone claim victory. Life moves on. Lord Frost knows what is going on. ‘he does and the EU too

“Northern Ireland was always going to be a compromise – it has been for decades.”

What do you think of the new Brexit deal for Northern Ireland? Share your views in the comments section below

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