Purdue Extension Focuses On Renewable Energy Education Efforts

LAFAYETTE OUEST, Ind. – Purdue Extension is in partnership with Hoosiers for renewable energies and Indiana Agricultural Bureau conduct an in-depth study of land use regulations for wind and solar renewables and trends in climate change planning in Indiana.

The Purdue Extension Land Use Team will investigate County Plan Directors to determine what land use policies and strategies Hoosier communities currently have in place regarding climate change and renewable energy. The team also seeks to uncover the factors that communities take into account when discussing land use policies and the motivations of local governments to endorse or reject climate change and renewable energy in policy.

The results of the survey will be unveiled at the Indiana Land Use Summit, a virtual workshop on community planning and land use hosted by the State Department of Agriculture. Indiana, Indiana Land Resources Board and Purdue Extension September 8-9. The land use team will also provide a summary report of the findings of the wind and solar ordinances in Indiana. With the information gathered, Purdue Extension will create community snapshots of renewable energy efforts that local leaders can use to make policy decisions and revitalize renewable energy efforts.

“We appreciate that the Purdue team has taken this initiative to collect and analyze the planning data that counties are currently using. Our goal is to better understand how communities in Indiana make decisions about these complex issues and their associated impacts on planning renewable energy projects, ”said Steve Eberly, Executive Director of Hoosiers for Renewables. “Ultimately, this project will provide local officials with an additional resource to help them with their decision-making process. We are interested in how these policies affect the long-term economic strength of a county.

County plan commissioners and local planning departments can expect the survey to be available Monday, May 3 through May 28. Survey participants will be asked to download the content of wind and solar ordinances and zoning maps. For more information on the investigation, contact Kara Salazar at [email protected].

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About Hoosiers for Renewables

Hoosiers for Renewables is a local organization dedicated to educating the public about the benefits of local, affordable and clean renewable energy and the positive impact of adopting renewable energy development in Indiana. Hoosiers for Renewables believes Indiana’s economy, especially our rural communities, will thrive when there is a mix of energy sources. The organization strives to advocate, educate and celebrate renewable energy and its benefits for communities, its farmers and residents. For more information on Hoosiers for Renewables, contact Dave Arland, Arland Communications. 317-201-0084 or by email at [email protected].

About Indiana Farm Bureau

Indiana Farm Bureau promotes agriculture by educating the public, engaging members, and advocating for agricultural and rural needs. Farm Bureau, as a proactive organization, has an obligation to its members to remain relevant and respond to changing needs by providing opportunities for members to influence positive outcomes in agriculture and their communities. For more information on Indiana Farm Bureau, please visit our website at www.infarmbureau.org.

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