‘Peril!’ apologizes after the “Grinch” clue of a medical disorder

June 23, 2021

The game show “Jeopardy! Apologized after an offensive and outdated hint of heart disease struck a chord on social media.

According to Yahoo EntertainmentHost Savannah Guthrie provided the clue on Monday: “Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome is also known as Grinch syndrome because this organ is too small.”

The correct answer – in the form of a question – was: “What is the heart?”

POTS is a debilitating disease that causes your heart to beat at least 30 beats per minute after you switch from sitting or lying down to standing. This happens when your body’s autonomic nervous system, which should be functioning automatically, fails to control your blood pressure and heart rate to compensate for your change in posture.

The Grinch reference (Dr. Seuss’ character had “a heart that was two sizes too small”) offended some people. POTS has nothing to do with a small ticker, a number of people on social media have noted.

“#Jeopardy is wrong. The #POTS condition does not change the size of the heart. I know because I have it! was diagnosed in 2007. Never, ever heard of “Grinch” disease! Big failure,” tweeted A woman

“Oh @Jeopardy, it’s shameful. I have POTs and I’m sad you are resorting to that. Poor how bad. And I could add, insanely incorrect. How seriously would you tell a kid he has an illness that makes him cranky ?! I just can’t believe it, ”one person tweeted.

Dysautonomia International, which raises funds for research and raises awareness of disorders of the autonomic nervous system, tweeted: “No one with any credibility calls POTS ‘Grinch Syndrome.’ Promoting outdated misogynistic terms to describe a debilitating autonomic nervous system disorder that affects millions of Americans is not cool. We ask for an apology on behalf of our community. Do better.”

Tuesday, the show tweeted: “Yesterday’s program included an index on Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). After hearing from the community, we found out that we are using an outdated and inaccurate term for this disorder, and we apologize. “

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