Penn State’s James Franklin Says Fake Injuries Did Not Show Up In The Teams He Coached

State of pennsylvaniaJames Franklin hit back Wednesday against accusations of Iowa fans and coaches that his players faked injuries on Saturday 23-20 losses to the Hawkeyes, saying this strategy “has not manifested” in his 12 years as a head coach.

When a reporter specifically asked Franklin what he thought of Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz, alleging earlier this week that some Penn State players weren’t really injuredFranklin reached into his pocket for a piece of paper on which he had written some thoughts on the subject.

“How does this strategy make sense against a small team? Franklin said. “People use this strategy to slow people down. Spread the offenses, the breaches to the tempo. They snuggle up. So this strategy didn’t make sense in this situation. In our six years of playing them, six straight years. – 4-2 with our record – – has this happened before? Has anyone seen this? In my eight years as a head coach, has anyone seen this? “One saw that? Did that show up at Penn State? My 12 years as a head coach, did that turn out? It didn’t. show. “

Franklin, who spoke to local media for about 12 minutes after practice, said the senior defensive tackle and team captain PJ Mustipher suffered a season-ending injury against Iowa. Mustipher has 21 tackles, three tackles for a loss and one sack this season.

“Put yourself in a parent’s shoes,” Franklin said. “Your son is on the pitch with an injury and the stadium hoots him.… Your son is on the pitch with an injury – and I just told you that PJ Mustipher is done for the year – and we’re booing. this good for college football? “

Franklin declined to give a specific update on the quarterback’s injuries Sean clifford, who left the game in the second quarter against Iowa, but it’s not a season-ending injury or the school would have announced it. Franklin said Ta’Quan Roberson and Christian Veilleux divided representatives this week, but “nothing has been decided or determined”.

“It’s part of the game,” Franklin said. “Sean has had problems in the past. He is doing everything he can to come back as soon as he can. What he faces is not uncommon as a quarterback.”

Franklin’s comments denying anyone faking injury came a day after Ferentz admitted some Penn State players had been injured, but also questioned the legitimacy of others.

“No one wants to see someone get hurt,” Ferentz said, “but I think probably [the booing] is a reaction to, there were a few guys who were down for the account and then were back a room or two later. Our fans are not stupid. They watch, they know what’s going on.

“I’ve been here for 23 years and I think it’s only the second time we’ve seen this kind of thing happen.”

Franklin said the Nittany Lions’ defense was playing “with the lights out,” saying there was no reason for them to slow their momentum by claiming to be injured.

“Our defense was playing very well,” he said. “We returned the ball to start the game inside the five-yard line, held them to a basket. Go back and check. I have immense respect for the University of Iowa, j I have immense respect for their fans, it was a hell of a game, in a tough environment. I’m not looking for excuses, I’m just saying how I see the facts. “

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