Oh baby, these pregnancy apps are essential for expecting moms

The question of the sex of the baby begins to worry parents long before it is conceived. Some parents want a boy, the other a girl. Many parents do not want to depend on the case and try to plan the gender of a child in advance.

For others, the question “Is it a boy or a girl?” occurs only during pregnancy. In this case, the sex of the child can be determined during an ultrasound session, but you have to wait, and it is always exciting to know the answer as soon as possible.

This app offers different ways to estimate the sex of the child, including:

– ancient Chinese table (calendar) – also allows to choose a favorable month to conceive a boy or a girl (probability ~ 90%);
– the cycle of “refreshing” the blood of the parents (probability ~ 60%);
– parents’ blood group (probability ~ 50%);
– the blood Rh factor of the parents (probability ~ 50%);

In addition to planning the gender of a child, you can check all of the above methods on an already born child (yours, your parents, friends, etc.), to form your own credibility with this or that technique.

Run this app every day so you can see the updated plan of favorable boy or girl conception months! Do not wait ! Give it a try!

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