NYS Police Unions Back Governor Hochul Against Letita James

Union presidents representing state police officers are backing outgoing Governor Kathy Hochul at the expense of Attorney General Letitia James in the Democratic primary for the state’s highest office.

While praising Hochul, the heads of the New York Troopers PBA and the State Police Investigators Union told The Post that they also took issue with James’ handling of cases involving their members.

“Gov. Hochul has my support. She has been very supportive of the state’s soldiers, ”Thomas Mungeer, president of the 4,000-member NYS Troopers PBA, told The Post.

Meanwhile, Mungeer is furious at the murder, manslaughter and James’ reckless endangerment indictment against Private Christopher Baldner for his role in an accident that killed a Brooklyn teenager in December 2020.

Baldner allegedly crashed into a vehicle that had leaked a traffic stop, causing it to tip over, killing Monica Goods, 11, according to James’ office.

Baldner had arrested the girl’s father, Tristan Goods, for speeding on the Thruway State near Kingston in Ulster County. The goods got away and Baldner chased after him and twice rammed his patrol car into the back of the family car, according to James’ office.

New York State Attorney General Leita James has infuriated state soldier unions with his decision to “overcharge” a state soldier in the death of an 11-year-old girl.
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“The Attorney General played politics. The soldier was overloaded, ”Mungeer said.

Tim Dymond, president of the Union of State Police Investigators, also complained about James’ handling of the Baldner case and tore up the GA for recently posting the transcript of “Trooper # 1” , one of the women who accused former Governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual misconduct. .

“Tish just didn’t really make any decisions that we think were reasonable for the state police and the Trooper Baldner incident really started it,” Dymond said.

“To me, this kind of introduced his platform of ‘the police is the problem’ that ‘feeling that we need to fix the police. We can always improve and I’ll be the first to tell you that we are imperfect, but I don’t think these problems start with the police or the soldiers, ”he said.

NYS Attorney General Leita James.
A spokesperson for AG James questioned Hochul’s support for Thomas Mungeer, a “Trump-loving police union syndicator.”
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A campaign spokesperson for James responded, “Kathy Hochul should say if she agrees with her Trump-loving police union supporter that seeking justice for an 11-year-old girl who was killed by a soldier in the state that used his car as a ram “plays politics.”

Mungeer backed former President Donald Trump as then-Democratic candidate – and now president – Joe Biden.

New York City public attorney Jumaane is also running in the Democratic primary for governor, while Mayor Bill de Blasio and Congressman Tom Suozzi plan to participate in the race.

The Republican Party will also have a primary for governor. Long Island Congressman Lee Zeldin, former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino and Andrew Giuliani, son of former city mayor Rudy Giuliani, are vying for the nomination.

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