Nurse Wendy Livingston reportedly removed from show after live COVID alert

A month has passed since the chaos at View unfolded after hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro tested positive for COVID-19 live, and now it looks like someone has taken the fall for the incident. According to a new report from The daily beast, show nurse Wendy Livingston has since been cut from the talk show.

Sources said The daily beast that after the fiasco, View has dropped out of Livingston, the show’s “health and safety official”. Prior to the on-air events of September 24, she oversaw the regular testing of the daytime talk show staff as well as their adherence to coronavirus protocols. Although Livingston remains an employee of the network, two sources said she had ceased to perform her medical duties during View.

“Wendy was not fired,” said an ABC spokesperson. “She is still part of the health and safety team that supports vaccine testing and verification.”

On the day of the incident, Vice President Kamala Harris was scheduled to visit the panel in the studio. His office has asked all of the show’s hosts to take a PCR test within 24 hours of his live interview on set. The tests all came back negative, giving the White House “all clear” for Harris to appear – but when two tests later came back positive, the White House would have felt “duped” and angry about how it all turned out.

Although Harris always gave his interview virtually, the Vice President’s office felt “deeply concerned” about the incident, CNN reported, and ABC News chairman Kim Godwin, who attended the recording, was also “annoyed and embarrassed by the whole fiasco.”

So, naturally, someone had to take responsibility for the whole situation – although Nurse Wendy was called a “health hero” in a tribute just a few months ago. She was honored on air for National Nurses Week in May 2021, during which a a four-minute video segment celebrated her with glowing tributes from the cast and crew.

“Today we want to spotlight a nurse who has truly become a healthcare hero to those around her,” Behar said, adding in the tribute, “She is our own Florence Nightingale.”

“A very special thank you to Nurse Wendy for all you have done to keep View family safe and sound, ”Navarro said in the tribute.

“Thank you very much, Wendy, for protecting us this year,” Hostin said. “I have never had so many cotton swabs in my nose in my life.”

Watch the full tribute to Livingston in the video above. View airs weekdays on ABC at 11 / 10c.

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