Norway: bow and arrow attack kills several

OSLO – A man armed with a bow and arrow went on a rampage in a Norwegian town on Wednesday, killing and injuring several people, authorities said.

The attack took place in Kongsberg, a town of 26,000 people about 80 kilometers from Oslo. A suspect is said to be in custody.

“The information we have now, this person carried out these actions alone,” Police Chief Oyvind Aas told reporters.

The attack began shortly after 6 p.m., when the assailant began to force his way through the center of town.

Across the country, Norwegian police, who are usually unarmed, have been cleared to carry arms “because of the serious Kongsberg incident,” authorities said in A declaration late Wednesday. They described it as a precaution.

“Police currently have no concrete indication that there is a change in the level of threat in the country,” the statement said.

Police said a suspect was arrested half an hour after the attack began. They did not immediately disclose any information about him.

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