New rapeseed phoma gene contributes to disease resistance

The first winter rapeseed varieties containing a new type of phoma resistance gene will be available for planting this summer from LS Plant Breeding (LSPB).

The recently recommended variety Respect and candidate variety Flemming both have this new resistance as part of a strong and comprehensive agronomic package, Flemming also offering resistance to turnip yellows virus (TuYV).

The new gene – RlmS – derived from rapeseed, should allow long-term and sustainable control of phoma and offers an alternative to the existing Rlm7 gene, which is widely present in current varieties of rapeseed.

Although it remains effective in the UK, the Rlm7 gene has started to degrade in France, making the new source of resistance an important development for continued genetic protection against phoma.

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20-year research program

Chris Guest, managing director of LSPB, says the company’s two high-yielding hybrids that contain the new gene are the end result of a 20-year research and testing program, which is now delivering benefits to UK growers.

“Respect was recommended for the East / West region where it has a gross yield of 106%, high lodging resistance with good stem stiffness, as well as an 8 for stem canker,” said he declared.

“Flemming will be considered for recommendation this next fall. It offers stacked features because it adds the TuYV resistance to the RlmS resistance, ”says Mr. Guest.

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