Nats father Joe Ross saves fan with Heimlich at Giants game


SAN FRANCISCO – Father of a pair of big league starting pitchers, Willie Ross made a crucial save in a baseball game in San Francisco on Saturday.

Ross, father of veteran pitchers Joe and Tyson Ross, performed the Heimlich maneuver on a smothering fan in a game between the Giants and Washington Nationals, dislodging pieces of a hot dog to clear the woman’s airways.

Ross is a pediatrician at Stanford Hospital. He was at the park to see Washington, for whom Joe ross rooms. Tyson ross is a right-hander with the Texas Rangers.

Willie Ross was watching the game in a lower box when he noticed the fan was choking. Drawing on his training in emergency medicine, Ross rushed to check on the condition of the ventilator, which was unable to speak. He helped dislodge the food that was stuck in the woman’s throat and was cheered by fans sitting nearby.

Police and paramedics eventually descended to check on the condition of the woman, who was able to stay for the remainder of the game. The ventilator was a nurse and had recently retired.


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