Murder of Jovenel Moïse: the president was trying to change the constitution of Haiti


Despite public unrest and fragile political support, in the months leading up to the assassination of President Jovenal Moïse, he pursued an aggressive agenda that included the rewriting of the country’s constitution.

Among the provisions he advocated was one that would grant Haiti’s leader immunity for any action during his tenure, leading critics to accuse he posed a threat to democracy and put the country on hold. way of an authoritarian regime.

“We need a system that works,” Mr. Moïse said in a telephone interview with The New York Times in March. “The system doesn’t work anymore. The president cannot work to deliver.

The United States, whose support is crucial for Haiti, called on the country to hold presidential and legislative elections as soon as technically possible. He also opposed the effort to draft a new constitution along the lines proposed by Mr. Moïse.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken described the tougher stance of the Biden administration during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing in June.

Although many have criticized Mr. Moise’s approach to reshaping the government, many Haitians say a new constitution is needed.

The current one has created two competing centers of power in the country – the President and the Prime Minister – which often leads to friction and a fractured government.

The draft constitution would have abolished the Senate, leaving in place a single legislative body elected every five years, and replacing the post of prime minister with a vice-president who reports to the president, with the aim of streamlining the government.


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