MetaMask rolls out Apple Pay integration and other iOS updates By Cointelegraph


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ConsenSys-owned MetaMask tweeted a thread of updates on Tuesday for iPhone and Apple (NASDAQ:) Pay users. The main feature is the ability to buy cryptocurrency using a debit or credit card through the mobile application, eliminating the need to transfer (ETH) from a centralized exchange like Coinbase (NASDAQ:) into the app.

MetaMask uses two payment gateways, Wyre and Transak, to support debit card and credit card transactions. Users can now use their Visas and Mastercards stored in Apple Pay to buy ETH and deposit a daily maximum of $400 into their wallets, thanks to the Wyre API. Gas fees are reportedly lower, and according to MetaMask’s tweets, some transactions may even be gasless if done on a private blockchain or if a project pays for the gas on the user’s behalf. When completing an ETH purchase, MetaMask discloses that it does not profit from gas fess.