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With its serene forests, gorgeous waterfront views, and charming countryside vibes, Muskoka is a wonderful place to hang out, explore your own backyard, and focus on doing something to help your mental health and your health. well-being. A true oasis of wilderness, there is nothing that compares to its unique combination of tranquility and natural beauty.

Make your mental health a priority and indulge yourself, whether it’s a virtual wellness summit, exploring the great outdoors or indulging yourself with delicious take-out.

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Virtual summit Live well

Online event

Start this self-care commitment by joining the Virtual summit Live well May 28-29, 2021. This two-day online “refueling toolkit” will feature sessions from 17 fun and engaging Canadian wellness experts. One of the lasting effects of this disruptive year may be a continued high focus on our physical, mental and emotional well-being. Covering seven important topics including Glow (natural beauty and home spa), Flow (yoga and Pilates), Grow (habit tools, affirmations that work) and Nourish (wellness bowls, simple superfood recipes), the Live Well Summit is accessible in a range of flexible formats to accommodate busy schedules. Individual workshops start at just $ 35 each. Complete Living well summit access is only $ 165, or $ 10 per session

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Oh, go for a hike!

Various locations in Muskoka

Going out and exploring your garden is not only good for your physical health, but also for your mental health. The Muskoka Trail System covers some 4,000 square kilometers of rugged terrain, featuring some of Ontario’s most spectacular scenic views and hiking trails. Many trails lead to scenic lookout points where you can enjoy great panoramic views and take that jaw-dropping selfie. Important to note, while exploring these beautiful trails, remember to take a break, take a deep breath, and take in the beauty around you.

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Explore Muskoka on two wheels

Various locations in Muskoka

From its scenic roads offering breathtaking views of the lake, Muskoka is undoubtedly one of the best cycling sites. From Georgian Bay to Algonquin Park, this incredible landscape is also one of the reasons this northern part of the country has become a regular stopover on the Ironman and triathlon circuits. Whether you are looking for a leisurely family bike ride through beautiful Muskoka countryside or a challenging and scenic route on your road bike, biking locally is the perfect way to clear your mind and focus on the road to come.

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Go in pursuit of the waterfalls

Various locations in Muskoka

We suggest do go stunt hunting and Muskoka is the place to do it. Go to a Self-guided waterfall tour across Muskoka to experience the beauty of nature at its best (and get that epic picture while you’re at it). Muskoka is renowned for its spectacular waterfalls carved out of the granite rock of the Canadian Shield. While this is a fun way to spend an afternoon, take great photos, and be entertained, it is important to note the danger that exists near the waterfalls. Always be alert and careful around waterfalls as the rocks can be slippery and a fall can be fatal.

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Treat yourself to tasty take-away meals

Various locations in Muskoka

There’s nothing better than relaxing on your sofa with your feet raised, the TV on, and delving into local Muskoka cuisine. Not only does it taste good, but support local businesses is more essential than ever. Our many talented chefs take inspiration from everything Muskoka, from the harvests of our local farmers, to our craft beer, wine, roast coffee and everything in between. Discover the incredible tastes of the Muskoka-inspired food scene with a compilation of must-see Muskoka hotspots and dining experiences.

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Changes related to COVID-19

The Muskoka region, including the local restaurants and businesses mentioned above, has taken several precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing procedures must be followed. Masks are mandatory to enter all buildings and when social distancing is not possible. Frequent hand washing is encouraged and everyone should self-isolate if they are showing symptoms of COVID-19. For more information regarding COVID-19, please visit our COVID-19 Updates page.

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