Matt Nagy acknowledging how Chicago Bears handled “distractions” to win against Detroit Lions

DETROIT – Matt Nagy could breathe a sigh of relief on Thanksgiving.

With all the scrutiny the Chicago Bear the coach faced over his employment status over the past week, a 16-14 victory over the Detroit Lions Made him extremely grateful for a well-deserved celebration as they smashed a losing five-game skid.

“When there are distractions, which is in all sports, in all facets of life – there will always be distractions. This is how you deal with them. And again, we won the day. win today, and it could have been very different ways, ”Nagy said.“ But the reason we got the win is because of the way they handled the distractions, you know? This is where, to me, I just can’t tell you how much this victory means to me today because of what they have done. “

Controversy surrounded the Bears this week due to a report on on Tuesday claiming that the Bears had already informed Nagy that the Thanksgiving game against the Lions would be his last, regardless of the outcome he had. firmly denied as being “false”.

The report prompted Bears team president George McCaskey to address the players on Wednesday, reinforcing them that Nagy would not be sacked after the game.

Although the players do not go into details of the meeting, the quarterback Andy dalton said outside noise hadn’t come within the squad as they were able to wrap up the win with a 28-yard last-second field goal per kicker Santos of Cairo.

The Bears drove the ball 18 games in the game’s final 8:30 a.m. before hitting the game-winning basket as the clock ticked for their first win since Week 5.

“I think like I said a lot has happened. The most important thing is that the guys in the locker room stay together throughout everything,” said Dalton, who has become the Bears’ first QB with a 300-yard pass. game since Nick foles did it in week 9 of the 2020 season.

“No matter what is reported, no matter what is going on away and all that, there is still a lot of season left. For us the focus is on winning games. I think the most thing. important to us is to do whatever we can do our best and make the most of the next one, and that was today, and we did it. “

Now that the Bears have won, Nagy is looking to go about her business to keep this team locked up.

Nagy said he didn’t let discussions about his professional status interfere with his ability to coach the team and that didn’t affect him on a personal level due to his support system in place. He hopes to continue this way with everything now cleared up.

“Again for me it’s just – my understanding, and that’s what it’s been since the day I signed up to be this coach, is to win as many games as possible. , and do it the right way. When you lose five games in a row, you understand, ”Nagy said of his understanding of his job security going forward. “When you’re 3-7, you know what territory it can come to. You know what I mean? It comes with work. I knew it four years ago when I took this, and here we are. So, every week is a little different.

“This one was definitely different. This is one of those weeks where you use it to move forward,” he added. “You don’t make predictions but what you do is when you get home on that plane tonight and everyone is having fun because they can celebrate and have fun watching the tape and enjoy their Thanksgiving and get healthy again and figure out what the next games are, but the only game that matters is Arizona. That’s it. Again, for me, the only thing I can say to these players is that I appreciate them and that we have a hell of a group of guys and players and coaches, and they showed that today with a win. “

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