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The team of Unibright, creators of a framework for blockchain-based business integration, announced today that after nearly 2 years of development, the mainnet for Baseledger, a public-permissioned, council-governed network for a variety of enterprise blockchain use-cases is now live.

Baseledger Proxy, the main integration instrument that offers all the tools needed for a Baseline compliant synchronization has been open-sourced and published on GitHub. Furthermore, council’s SAP connector conUBC has already been certified by SAP and is ready to use.

Last week, council member SPO Consulting GmbH was the first validator to present an active proxy-staking pool on Gysr for Baseledger token (UBT) and Unibright donated 100,000 UBT as staking rewards.

The Baseledger mainnet went live with the first validator set.

Users can check out the evolution of the mainnet by using the block explorer at and read the docs at

UBT Token

UBT is the token for Baseledger, which is staked by validators to reserve the right to do work on the network (node ​​operation and validation). At the same time, the token acts as a payment mechanism for users that want to drop proofs via Baseledger transactions.

This aforementioned model has the potential to support the distinction between and properly address both the enterprise audience (interested in Software-as-a-Service with a classic fiat payment model) and the cryptocurrency audience (interested in holding and staking UBT and participating in rewards ).

Being an enterprise-oriented blockchain network, Baseledger is a prime utility and use case for the token. Plus, there is already a set of products and services powered by UBT within Unibright’s product offerings.

Now, Baseledger is a perfect extension of these offerings. By combining them and making UBT the token to fuel Baseledger, UBT is not only an “input” payment token but also an “output” reward token, which makes the token flow complete.

“It has been great work by all Unibright team members and all participants in the ever growing Baseledger ecosystem. We are proud and happy to have reached production state with Baseledger Mainnet and are very much looking forward to the next stage of the Unibright journey.”
– Marten Jung, CEO of Unibright

Use-Cases + Whitepaper

Companies are already starting to use the Baseline Protocol and Baseledger to reduce fraud and disputes, ensure regulatory and tax compliance, synchronize accounts payable and get access to more favorable financing terms from both traditional and DeFi sources.

The Baseledger white paper explores the current state of enterprise blockchain, including an introduction to the Baseline Protocol. After an in-depth look into the unresolved challenges of building the right mainnet, Baseledger is presented as the solution. Reference Implementation examples and an evaluation of the proposed solution are presented thereafter.

“Baseledger is the latest addition to our complete tool set for blockchain-based business integration. What started with the Unibright Framework in 2018 is now a complete ecosystem for enterprises that want to use blockchain for their integration processes.”
– Stefan Schmidt, Unibright CTO

See the explainer video on Baseledger below:


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