Los Angeles Dodgers reliever Corey Knebel to start Game 5 against the San Francisco Giants

The Los Angeles Dodgers will start a win-win 5 game of the National League Division series with a right-handed reliever Corey Knebel, no left-handed starter Julio Urias.

Urias, a source said, is uninjured, meaning Knebel will likely serve as an opener, paving the way for Urias to handle the bulk of the innings starting with the bottom of the second from Oracle Park to San Francisco Thursday night.

The Giants of San Francisco stacked their right-handed hitters at the top of their roster against Urias in Game 2. Knebel starting against them would take away the Giants’ field advantage in the first inning, potentially shortening the game even more.

Urias will be off four days and can take on the workload of a traditional starter, but given the stakes, he will likely be pulled at the first sign of trouble.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said on Wednesday that Max Scherzer, who threw 110 shots in a Game 3 start on Monday, is “highly unlikely” to be available outside the relieving box.

The Giants will begin Logan webb, who pitched 7⅔ scoreless innings in Game 1, but Kevin Gausman will be completely rested behind him. Knebel has opened four games for the Dodgers this season, allowing one run in five innings overall.

The Dodgers used Dustin may as the opening of Game 7 of the 2020 NL Championship Series, an eventual victory that saw Urias end the game with three scoreless innings.

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