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Close your eyes and imagine the safest and most reliable wallet there is. Now you can open them, he’s here looking at you from the screen and his name is Simple maintenance.

Let’s get acquainted with the portfolio which has been designed to meet all your needs …

A lightweight wallet focusing on the two most important points – security and usability, with SimpleHold it has never been easier to use a wallet because everything has been designed especially for the user – that you start exploring the world of crypto or whether you are an experienced person.

Lightweight wallet

SimpleHold supports all the various well-known and trusted cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Litecoin, and many more. There is no need to register or provide the wallet with your personal details, so you have full control over your savings and transactions.

SimpleHold is a lightweight, non-custodial multi-cryptocurrency wallet available on four browsers.

Moreover, you can be 100% sure that your personal data is not sent to servers or any other place. Once in the wallet – it is securely locked, personal information never leaves a user’s device as it is stored locally in an encrypted browser of their choice. In addition, AES encrypted backups ensure the security of private keys

Another essential thing is that you can always switch to SimpleHold from any other wallet by importing your private keys without worrying about losing your assets. So if you have any doubts about your current wallet, just switch to SimpleHold, it’s as easy as a-two-three!

Looking for more benefits? With SimpleHold Wallet, you can:

  • Store easily, send and receive over 40 different cryptocurrencies;
  • Keep track of every transaction made in the wallet on one screen;
  • Control the speed of your transactions by choosing the fee amount. There are 3 possible options: fast, medium and slow. Choose the best for you and enjoy the smooth flow of the process.

The SimpleHold team created the wallet to save time and to keep everything as “simple” as possible.

It’s up to you to install the wallet on browsers: Chromium, Courageous, Opera, Where Firefox.

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