Larrington Tractor and Trailer Tire Inflation System

Larrington Trailers has partnered with Canadian brand AgriBrink to offer a Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) to combat soil compaction.

As the sole importer in the UK, Larrington claims it is the country’s first high speed CTIS that can be connected to tractors and trailers simultaneously, inflating up to 10 VF (very high flex) tires. in just 90 seconds.

The system mounts to the tractor’s front three-point hitch and includes two 80-liter tanks and a 200 cfm compressor. The piping is then routed to a distributor at the rear of the tractor, all mounted on custom brackets, which are designed to be bolted and removed to be easily swapped out for other machines.

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The pressures are controlled via a display in the cab and can be switched between high, medium and low, allowing the tires to be inflated and deflated while the tractor is still in motion.

Tests carried out by the manufacturer suggest that reducing tire pressure from 1 bar to 0.6 bar can reduce yield loss by around 25%, a statistic that could partly justify its high price tag of £ 16,950. This excludes VF tires, which Larrington is able to procure separately.

It should be noted that an RPA grant of £ 2,413 is currently available to cover the cost of CTIS systems, provided they meet agency criteria.

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