Kate Rouch Joins Coinbase as Marketing Director


By Emilie Choi, President and Chief Operating Officer

The former Facebook Global Brand and Product Manager joins Coinbase as Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for all global brand, product and performance marketing efforts.

Today, we are delighted to welcome Kate Rouch to Coinbase as the new Director of Marketing, overseeing the global marketing of Coinbase’s brand, products and performance. Kate joins Coinbase after more than a decade at Facebook, most recently as Global Head of Brand and Product Marketing for Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, the Facebook App, Public Affairs and the Facebook Company. Kate’s experience at a company of the scale and impact of Facebook will be invaluable as we continue to grow our brand, grow our teams, and work to bring millions more people into the crypto-economy.

On Facebook, Kate’s marketing teams have won numerous global advertising awards, including two Silver Lions at Cannes. Throughout his tenure at the company, Facebook’s monthly active users have grown from around 500 million to nearly 3 billion people worldwide.

Our industry is at a critical juncture: the crypto community is growing at a rapid pace and crypto businesses are more visible to consumers than ever before. At Coinbase alone, we now have over 68 million customers worldwide, with more and more people seeing firsthand how crypto improves the traditional financial system.

In Kate’s own words: “I am so inspired by what I have learned about cryptography and the vast ecosystem it helps usher in. At its core, Coinbase aims to create more economic freedom for people. It’s a mission that fascinates me. I can’t wait to start helping introduce millions more people to the benefits of crypto.

Welcome to Coinbase, Kate!

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