Jeffrey Epstein raped Russian woman months before arrest: prosecution

Jeffrey Epstein raped Russian woman within months leading to his arrest in 2019 – telling him he preferred the women of his country because they were “more motivated” than Americans, according to a new trial.

The alleged victim, identified as Jane Doe, claims in the complaint filed in Manhattan federal court on Thursday that Epstein repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted her from 2017, when she was in her early 20s , on the promise that he would help her. take off his career.

“Epstein… said that American girls lacked a passion for career opportunities because they had grown up with such prospects, but girls from former Soviet countries had not grown up with these types of opportunities, so they were more motivated, ”the costume says.

Epstein paid for the flights for the woman to travel from Moscow to Paris and from Europe to the United States, according to the lawsuit. The flights were reportedly booked by Epstein’s assistant Lesley Groff, who, along with the executors of Epstein’s estate, is named a co-accused in Doe’s complaint.

Epstein’s alleged abuse of the woman began in 2017, when she applied for an advertisement for a personal assistant job while working as an interpreter and studying in Moscow.

Days later, she was invited to Paris where she was introduced to a multimillionaire pedophile and several other women who were staying with him at his Upper East Side townhouse, according to the lawsuit.

At the apartment, Epstein lured her into a massage room and persuaded her to take off her clothes, except for her underwear, and lie down on a massage table, the costume says. .

He then abused her with a sex toy and masturbated, according to the costume.

“Jane Doe” said the reason she continued to see Jeffrey Epstein was because he said he would help launch her career.
AP Photo / Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, file

Until 2019, Epstein continued to hang the prospect of a job and a lucrative career above his head – while taking the woman to New York, Florida, the Virgin Islands and Paris for the sexually abuse, depending on the costume.

During one of the trips to his sprawling Palm Beach mansion in 2017, Epstein allegedly raped the woman in the home’s massage room, which made him feel “like the bottom of his life,” the suit.

Despite the attack, Jane continued to see Epstein over the following years in the hopes that he would help her with her career.

In the spring of 2019 – months before her arrest by federal authorities in New York – the woman says she was repeatedly assaulted by Epstein on her private Caribbean island, including once when he assaulted her and a another woman at the same time, says the lawsuit.

Epstein committed suicide while awaiting trial for sex trafficking in a lower Manhattan jail cell shortly after his arrest in 2019. His alleged longtime Madame Ghislaine Maxwell is awaiting trial for her role in the alleged recruitment of underage girls to abuse him.

She pleaded not guilty.

The woman is seeking unspecified damages from Epstein’s estate which will be determined at trial. Groff did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

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