Instagram is testing the “Limits” feature to allow you to restrict abusive and harassing comments from groups

Instagram is rolling out a new feature to allow users to temporarily limit the comments and unwanted messages they receive from user groups in order to combat abuse and harassment on the platform. Called “Limits,” the new addition from the Facebook-owned company is initially in the testing stage and is limited to certain users. Instagram will recommend groups of accounts from which you can limit comments and posts. The new feature is an extension of Instagram’s tools that allows users to disable and restrict abusive and harassing comments from individuals.

Social Media Consultant Matt Navarra tweeted screenshots of the Limits function that has been initially spotted at Instagram by Twitter user Ahmed Ghanem. It is accessible to some users via Settings > Privacy > Limits.

The feature aims to allow users to limit comments and spam messages for a certain period of time, say a day or a week. Instagram will remind users to turn off the limit after this time.

Instagram says it will recommend groups of accounts that you may want to limit comments and posts to. You will also have the option to choose whether you want to limit accounts that are not among your subscribers or which are your recent subscribers. Once you’ve chosen which people you want to limit, the platform will hide comments and posts from all of those account groups unless you approve them.

The overall functionality of the Limits function is similar to the operation of the Restrict option which was previously introduced in 2019. However, this was aimed at empowering users to deal with individual harassment, while the latest change is to limit spam comments from groups that target people for abusive and harassing attacks.

In a statement to SocialMediaToday, Instagram mentionned that the Limits feature is currently being tested. “We want to empower people to deal with intense cases of harassment or abuse. We’re testing a new tool that allows people to hide comments and private messages from recent followers or people they haven’t followed for a while, ”the company said.

Tackling abusive behavior, hate speech and individual harassment are some of the biggest challenges for Instagram. The company has made many changes, including the recent filter to limit hate speech in direct messages. However, it still requires updates like the latest to curb abuse and harassment on the platform to some extent.

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