Inexpensive P, Mg and S fertilizers

Farmers can avoid soaring fertilizer costs by sourcing low-cost agricultural lime rich in phosphate, magnesium and sulfur during the 2021/22 beet season.

Application of soil conditioner

LimeX is available for backloading during the sugar beet campaign © British Sugar

LimeX, a proven pH balancer and soil conditioner approved by the Soil Association for organic use, is available via backloading, providing efficient and cost-effective transport from the candy to the farm.

It leaves the factory with an inherent nutritional value equivalent to at least £ 16 of phosphate, magnesium and sulfur for every ton of LimeX applied at current fertilizer prices.

“Careful management of your soil pH is the key to ensuring that the nutrients in your soil are the most available to the plant,” says Glenn Carlisle, Commercial Director of LimeX, “And because our product has such a particle size. fine and cohesive, it is very fast-acting and more effective at increasing pH and available calcium levels than ordinary crushed limestone.

“With the added benefit of 9kg of phosphate, 8kg of magnesium and 6kg of sulfur per tonne, farmers can cut a huge chunk of their fertilizer costs while still keeping their liming under control.”

James Forrest, who operates 1,600 ha (4,000 acres) near Stowmarket in Suffolk, has used lime for years to improve soil conditions. “I use LimeX most years because I think it’s a great product with the added benefit of additional nutritional value. There is no doubt in my mind that this brings benefits to our crop rotation. “

James’ agricultural activity focuses on the production of wheat, barley, beans and grass seed, as well as sugar beet, winter and spring barley, rapeseed, triticale, corn, parsley, beans and silage – in addition to Red Poll sucklers.

James applies LimeX in conjunction with a range of organic manures such as farmyard manure, green waste, biosolids and occasionally poultry manure.

“It fits very well into our manure management. I focused on organics years ago to reduce our dependence on artificial fertilizers. I love that LimeX is a co-product of sugar making – rather than a quarry. The fact that we delivered it in reserve on deliveries of sugar beets to the factory makes so much sense in terms of transport efficiency, ”explains James.

You don’t have to grow beets to be a LimeX customer – the company supplies over 250,000 tonnes of produce to farmers in the UK and Ireland each year.

“At a difficult time in the transportation industry, we encourage customers to consider reloading LimeX when delivering sugar beets, to maximize carrier efficiency and achieve a lower cost transportation solution. Says Glenn.

LimeX70 Fertilizer Value – November 21

Nutrient Kg / t of LimeX Value at 7.5t / ha (3t / ac)
P2O5 9 £ 76.95
MgO 8 £ 32.40
SỐ 3 7 £ 13.13
Total value per Ha : £ 122.48


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