Indigenous sites and spaces in Edmonton

At the northeast corner of Jasper Avenue and 105th Street, you’ll find a nice little park tucked away in downtown Edmonton. When you first enter the park, you will notice handprints on the ground. These handprints create a walk of honor, a tribute to Indigenous achievement, called the Indigenous Walk of Honor. It recognizes the efforts and hard work of Indigenous peoples to bring a new understanding, a new language, traditions and a new culture to Canada.

This park pays homage to Edmonton’s traditional name, Amiskwaciy Waskahikan, which means Beaver Hills House. Edmonton was so named long before the arrival of settlers. It was given this name for the great hills you see when you are on the south bank of the North Saskatchewan River, where the Legislative Assembly grounds are now located. In the park, you will find beautiful aquatic elements, and a small Amisk (beaver) near the waterfall to greet!

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