I want to thank the Ethereum community for getting me back into what I love. I used to code but eventually lost interest and my work shifted into sales. Ethereum has ignited my coding passion again. Im currently studying Solidity. I’m getting back into Python. May take a course for C+ & Java. 🙏🏻 : ethereum


My interest started in the early 2000’s. I was introduced to a chat program called IRC (mIRC). Sharing peer to peer was a huge aspect of the community. So I started to learn how to code simple scripts to run local fileservers, then bots to add search abilities (scalability), then shells to run remote processes. Time passed and I became interested in rooting servers for their bandwidth and storage. None of it was malicious and I never stole money or propriety information, it was all based in curiosity. Right around this time I was graduating college (non IT degree). I was becoming disenfranchised realizing how it all came down to money. All of the community members I came up with started “hacking” for real, for monetary purposes. Or becoming freelance pen testers. If I went to school for IT I might have turned it into a career.

. Fast forward 10+ years with no coding and I feel lost. Software became apps, IOT blew up, languages that used to be super vulnerable (Java) are now a must learn languages. Ether makes me feel like there is a purpose greater then myself again. Like this can really be a once in a lifetime technology I have the opportunity to participate in.


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