How to ensure that later sown wheat crops reach their full potential

  • Select a variety suitable for deferred drilling
  • Prepare a good seedbed and increase the seeding rate
  • Use a seed treatment to increase crop resilience

The grain farmers took advantage of the good weather at the end of September to put their crops in the ground. For many, delaying drilling until mid-October is still the goal.

Below are key considerations for ensuring the performance of subsequent sown wheat crops.

Select a variety suitable for delayed sowing

SY Insitor and Gleam are preferred strains in the 104% and 103% delayed niche of controls respectively on the current recommended list 2021/22.

SY Insitor has vigorous early root development which can help facilitate excellent late drilling performance.

Wider roots can improve the resilience of crops during the winter, to provide a platform for high yield potential.

SY Insitor has:

  • 12% more root length
  • Total length of the longer primary root
  • Longest total lateral root length
Root comparison

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GLEAM is an extremely homogeneous variety with a very wide drilling window – safe for drilling until mid-February. GLEAM has a high tiller potential and high tiller retention.

It has a relatively prostatic winter development, but with this it produces a large number of tillers before starting the extension of the stem, which could help to strengthen the stability of the varieties under more difficult conditions.

Even target the establishment with an increased seeding rate

Seedbed conditions may be a more important factor than sowing date when establishing the crop. Therefore, in crops sown later, seedbed preparation is essential.

Planting in a cooler seedbed is likely to reduce establishment and the plants will have less time to compensate through tillering, so seeding rates should be increased accordingly.

See the table of seeding rates

Using Vibrance® Duo seed treatment

Vibrance Duo Seed Treatment not only manages common seed and soil diseases, it is also proven to have benefits for crop establishment, as well as root improvement.

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