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Honey frame 3.13

Honey Framework is a powerful tool that allows users to program their own custom order types and trading strategies. It integrates directly into the bitfinex.com trading interface, providing users with a native experience.

We are excited to share the latest updates to Honey Framework. To learn more about the Honey Framework, please refer to https://blog.bitfinex.com/tag/honey-framework/

User interface

  • The parameters are now in a modal
  • Fixed the reappearance of the information modal
  • Fixed compatibility with Safari
  • Improved long labels in strategy editor and drop-down lists



  • Time Weighted Average Price (TWAP): support for minimum and maximum order amounts


  • Dependency Updates
  • Added Github workflow, check build

Want to contribute to the project? Please open a draw request at https://github.com/bitfinexcom/bfx-hf-ui
Download the Honey Framework today: https://honey.bitfinex.com/


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